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  • Design Optimization Of Linear Transformer Driver (LTD) Stage Cell Capacitors (.pdf)
    Optimizing the design of Linear Transformer Driver (LTD) stage capacitors is important to achieve a very low inductance and short pulse output in pulsed power generators. The stage consists of many LTD capacitor. cells. The LTD performance is dependant on the characteristics of each capacitor
  • 30 V, 2 A High Efficiency CVCC LED Driver
    This Design Note (DN) is an extension to. ON Semiconductor's Evaluation Board User's Manual. EVBUM2039/D and features a 30 V max, 2 A version of the. off-line, NCL30051 based constant voltage, constant. current (CVCC) high efficiency LED driver. The original. document features a 55 V max, constant
  • Smart Computing Article - Sound Cards & Interfaces
    lines, be sure to download the latest chipset and sound drivers for your computer's hardware. WinXP and Win2000 both use WDM (Windows Driver Model), whereas older Microsoft operating systems employed VxD (Virtual Device Driver) drivers. Upgrading to either the WinXP or Win2000 OS without installing
  • Customization to Suppress EMI in DC Motors
    with differential line drivers. Differential circuits improve noise immunity by processing a signal that is the algebraic difference of two complementary signals at the input. The differential line driver receives the signal from the encoder and inverts polarity on one output to form complementary
  • Computer Power User Article - Mainstream Mayhem
    also threw in a Molex-to-six-pin PCI Express power adapter, composite and S-Video cables, an HD component output dongle, a VIVO (Video In/Video Out) dongle with S-Video and composite inputs and outputs, and two DB15-to-DVI adapters. Considering the relatively low price of this product in comparison
  • Ground Isolation when the Video Feed has a DC Component
    coupled to a video isolation transformer is the subject of this application note. Video line driver circuits usually work from a single-ended positive supply which can only output positive signals. The output signal consists of the picture content and sync information. Its dc value will vary as picture
  • Color Printing Uses Many Palettes
    As engineering models increasingly are described by solid models, there has been a change in the character of hardcopy output devices found in engineering labs. Pen plotters are adequate for creating line drawings, but tend to be slow and run out of ink quickly if images on the page
  • MICRO: Products
    . The M1-H is a heavy-duty 10,000-rpm system encoder for use in factory automation, manufacturing, and robotics applications. Weighing 260 g, the encoder features a balanced-line driver output circuit that allows long-distance signal transmissions. Its 780-nm semiconductor laser offers output power
  • 2001 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner
    and seat belts with pretensioners and force limiters. Drivers face a typical compliment of white-lettered gages illuminated by orange light for improved night viewing. Another plus is the well-designed cruise-control lever borrowed from Toyota's luxury-line Lexus cars. However, the turn-signal lever