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  • How to choose a linear rail and carriage for linear motion: Linear bearings give new meaning to riding the rails
    Linear rails come in basically two types, round and square. The criteria for choosing one over the other is no different. than choosing any other machine component; spec out the. design, defi ne the system's objectives, and work from past. successes and mistakes.
  • Trip Dogs and Trip Rails
    by compu-. ter-controlled development, test and inspection. systems for hardware and software. EUCHNER products are sold by competent. partners all over the world. Close and optimum. contact with our customers is ensured by a large. network of independent trading companies,. EUCHNER sales offices and our
  • Butting Rails Together in 5 Easy Steps
    against a straight-edge, if possible. Fix the screws and check the butt-joint to ensure the carriage(s) run smoothly over each joint. If the carriage does not run smoothly, you will need to realign the rails. Contact us Download the PDF version of this TechTalk installment. Your contact. Matt Mowry +1 401
  • Protecting the Universal Serial Bus from Over Voltage and Overcurrent Threats (.pdf)
    by. Over current Protection. requirements for protecting the Universal. providing power through the communica-. for USB Power Rails. Serial Bus (USB) from overcurrent and over. tion cable itself, eliminating the need for. voltage environmental threats.The solutions. individually powered peripherals
  • Converting A 5.0V Supply Rail To A Regulated 3.0V
    voltages. linear system providing closed-loop control. The. solution is easy to implement, requiring only the device. A very important specification that should not be over. itself and an input and output capacitor. looked is the requirements that some LDOs place on. the output capacitor. Certain
  • Linear Rails Bear The Weight Of New X-Ray Table Applications (.pdf)
    of over 200cm, they provided the flexibility required for mobile imaging. They also have hardened 60HR raceways to ensure a smooth movement which is. critical for patient safety and comfort.”. ROLLON Corporation’s General Manager, Andrew Cook, reports, “Before ROLLON. attacked the problem, drawer slides
  • New Test Facility Mimics Rail Car "Humping "
    cars it simulates. Over 400 ft of reinforced concrete supports equipment used to absorb the impact from a 30,000-lb test car and up to a 12,000-lb payload. The car can accommodate packages (payloads) to 15-ft long, 9-ft wide, and 12-ft, 9-in. high. A 200-hp, variable-speed motor mounts on the head
  • Case Study from Modern Machine Shop - Gantry Loaded Chuckers Turn Up Productivity (Brenco, a subsidiary of Amsted Rail in Petersburg, Virginia)
    to each machine and resulted in continuous in-process inventory. Change-over time was 6 hours. Part consistency was low, and process variation was high. The company has addressed these issues with a machine cell consisting of four Murata MW400 automated lathes. A three-lane conveyor system that feeds