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  • Success Stories- Vacuum Switchgear
    . In this application the Vacuum switchgear are connected to the overhead lines. or substation bus by air insulated bushings. A conductor and a shield electrode. are fixed inside the bushing. The three polo interrupters are respectively placed. inside metal enclosures.
  • Push-in Relays: Faster Connections
    . wiring errors. Demand has grown, as customers have. seen reduced installation overhead positively impact. their bottom line . Push-in termination technology does not require. any installation tools, which decreases installation time. and labor costs, and eliminates costly wiring errors. Relays
  • Electrical Surges & Protection
    over distance of the static at-. mospheric electrical field of an overhead line. Man-made. Inductive voltage kickbacks are caused by the interruption of current in motors, transformers, solenoids,. and relays. Transients up to several thousand volts are common from these sources. Voltage induced
  • Maintaining a Tight Grip
    .”. Having spent over 22 years at Austrian company Mosdorfer working with fittings for overhead transmission lines in the energy industry, Wolfgang Troppauer, Innovation Director, has had first-hand experience about how the combination of creep and poor installation techniques risked jeopardising power
  • How Does a Generator Create Electricity? How Generators Work
    usually operate on gasoline while larger engines run on diesel, liquid propane, propane gas, or natural gas. Certain engines can also operate on a dual feed of both diesel and gas in a bi-fuel operation mode.(b) Overhead Valve (OHV) Engines versus non-OHV Engines – OHV engines differ from other
  • Sychronous Rectification
    for. conductor manufacturers parallel connect many higher ON. the semiconductors in the DC/DC converter is the overhead. resistance MOSFETs (or cells.) The parallel connection of. power needed for the converter to operate. Due to this over-. cells not only decreases the ON resistance of the resulting
  • AC Surge Protection Overview
    rod or Lightning Protection System (LPS), designed to capture the discharge current and conduct it to a particular point. Indirect effects There are three types of indirect lightning effects: Impact on overhead line Such lines are very exposed and may be struck directly by lightning, which will first
  • Surge Protection Excerpts from IEEE Standard 1100-2005. The Emerald Book: IEEE Recommended Practice for Powering and Grounding Electronic Equipment (.pdf)
    Nature of lightning strike damage: “…many types of electronic circuits can be damaged or. destroyed when exposed to an excess current or an excess voltage produced by that current. If lightning strikes on or near overhead electric power or telephone line, a large current will be. injected
  • Cooling High-Density Open-Fram DC/DC Converters
    . synchronous rectifier make up the overhead power required. heatsink and thermal equalizer by distributing the heat over. for the converter to operate. These switching losses greatly. the entire unit and its connectors. The PowerWatt is de-. contribute to no load input current, which can be 10 to 200. signed
  • Transmission Line Insulator Condition Monitoring
    reflections are visible. SP AusNet’s practice is to inspect lines when the sky is completely overcast or at night to remove the solar reflection or solar heating effects. Overhead insulators inspected from the ground against a uniform temperature sky are also clear from interference. It is expected

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