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    Overhead Trolly system .
  • An overhead harness and trolly system for balance and ambulation assessment and training.
    An overhead harness and trolly system for balance and ambulation assessment and training.
  • Status of fusion maintenance
    If an overhead crane system is employed for removing the blades, there would have to be two cranes, each with two trollies per bridge, to handle the task of four parallel work stations.
  • Nonlinear coupling control laws for an underactuated overhead crane system controller to damp out the pen- dulum oscillations despite amplitude constraints on the trolly position. Recently, in [5] and [6], Fang et al. developed several energy-based controllers for overhead crane systems in which additional nonlinear terms were injected into the controller to increase the coupling between the gantry position and the payload position to provide for...
    Burg et al. (1996) used the variable transformation method to regulate the crane system . d'Andrea- Novel and Boustany (1991) proposed an adaptive feedback linearization method for mechanical systems of the overhead crane type. However their results have shown that the speed of the trolly is large at the desired destination.
  • Dictionary of Mechanical Engineering
    trolley ( trolly ) (a) A low truck running on rails. (c) A truck that can be tilted. trolley-bus An electrically drivenomnibus collecting current from an overhead sys- tem of wires by means of a pole and trolley wheel. trolley wheel (a) A single- or double-flanged wheel on atrolley.
  • A short circuit current study for the power supply system of Taiwan railway
    3) Measure the impedance of the trolly contact wire: In the overhead trolly wire circuits of Taiwan railway electrification, the trolly contact wire and the trolly elec- tric concentrate device are directly in contact with each other. As the alternating feeder circuit is a complicated system , measurement is usually made of the trolly contact...
  • CR4 - Thread: Efficacy of the San Francisco Trolley System
    One is a quantifiable calculation of energy consumed, monetary overhead compared to profit. Efficacy is a measure of how effective the system is? Trouble is there are many difficult to quantify aspects of the trolly system, mainly being the tourism...
  • WESF natural phenomena hazards survey
    In Area 3, there is a 10-ton overhead crane located above the pool cells. The crane bridge, trolly , and hoist were designed by the crane manufacturer (CVI 14019 and CVI 14027). ...are original WESF construction and seismic design efforts were conducted for the crane support systems (ref 6).
  • Design installation and commissioning of the Los Alamos National Laboratory pulsed power generator
    Because the building has no 225 t overhead crane, rotor inser- tion into the stator is accomplished... The rotor can be inserted using this bridge crane and two trollies equipped with hydraulics for movement... ...3 MVA, 13.4 kV/480 V station service transformer, the 7.1MVA drive system transformer, the original...
  • CR4 - Thread: Overhead Workshop Crane - H Beam Trolley Design
    Gantry cranes use a similar system and with a worm drive box you will get good control. Re: Overhead Workshop Crane - H Beam Trolley Design i think you can put the trollies on top the crane girders, but you will need two...
  • CR4 - Thread: Free Electric?
    ...a group at the top sit or stand in a down hill rolling trolly or vertical "drop... as they like, and you have a perfect "free" generating system . All the overheads , etc. plus free juice!