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  • GT-Pak® Natural Gas Pressure Booster Systems
    Oxy - fuel Cutting Tables .
  • LASOX - How U. S. Shipbuilding Revolutionized Laser Cutting, CAHILL, 2003
    As technology has developed, the hand-operated gas torch has given way to computer numerical control oxy - fuel systems, CNC plasma cutting systems on water tables , multi-headed systems on a single gantry, dry plasma, and, more recently, laser cutting.
  • Welding and cutting of materials
    Table 2 - Major thermal cutting processes Operating mechanism Thickness capability Applicable materials Oxy - fuel gas cutting Flame melting plus air jet Up to 20 in./500 mm Steels mostly, also Al, most Cu Oxygen-arc cutting Exothermic reaction with metal; works underwater...
  • Secretary of State's Guidance for Iron, Steel and Non-Ferrous Metal Foundry Processes
    All processes likely to emit into the air any particulate matter (for example oxy fuel cutting , burning off of casting residues, casting and knocking out) but... the provisions of paragraphs 5.5, 5.6 and Table 2 of this note.
  • Laser and Plasma Applications: Selecting a Dust Collection System
    The collector size is then tailored based on factors including the number of cutting heads, the cutting technology (laser, plasma, oxy - fuel , etc.), the material being cut , and the cutting speed and torch on-time. For larger work pieces, multiple cutting machines may be integrated within a single downdraft table .
    ...chemical) decontamination, first aid, transportation, and security sections received 1 point as a minimum score ( Table 4). Some equipment, such as oxy - fuel cutting torch, had been never used.
  • New Suprarex Systems offer higher quality and lower cost cutting
    Plasma systems can be used with dry fume extraction tables or alternatively with water tables with the ability to undertake cutting under or above water. For oxy - fuel cutting, dependent upon model, the SUPRAREX can be equipped with up to 12 torches and can be used with oxygen and a variety of fuel gases including propane, acetylene, natural gas and other commercially available fuel gases.
  • EU194 in the United Kingdom
    The plasma processes used were generally found to produce results that confirmed to Class I quality classification, while the CO2 laser and oxy - fuel flame results were mostly Class II. Nd:YAG laser cutting is not covered by the standard and, as a result, no entry for this can be found in Table II.
  • Oxy-gasoline torch. Innovative technology summary report
    Although the two torches performedidenticallywhen cutting materials up to 0.5 inchesthick, the oxy -gasolinetorch was still morecost effectivedue to its less costly fuel . Table 5 shows the unit cost and productionratesfor eachtorch and the pay back time for the capitalcost...