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  • Electrochemical Oxygen Sensors (.pdf)
    The oxygen sensors used in BW instruments are of the self-powered, diffusion-limited, metal-air battery type. They are comprised of an anode, an electrolyte and an air cathode. Oxygen sensors are current generators, and the current is proportional to the rate of oxygen consumption (Faraday's Law
  • Reference: Asphyxiant (Oxygen Deficiency) Hazard
    We all need to breathe the Oxygen (O2) in air to live. Air is made up of several different gases including Oxygen. Normal ambient air contains an Oxygen concentration of 20.9% v/v. When the Oxygen level dips below ... Gas Hazards & Areas. Home. About Us. Products. Gas Detection Explained. Resources
  • Monitoring for Oxygen Deficiency in Pharmaceutical Plant
    A major pharmaceutical company was faced with the life-safety requirement to monitor seventeen chemical rooms for oxygen deficiency. The equipment and processes in these rooms could possibly lead to multiple personnel casualties in the event of oxygen deficiency should problems occur. The company
  • Direct In Situ Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer (.pdf)
    vibration. 6. Near to the detector. 7. Not exposed to direct sun light. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2004, Yokogawa Electric Corporation. TI 11M12A01-01E May 31,2004-00. . 2. Installation Guide. 2-2. Instrument air is not a. vailable. ZR402G Converter. ZR22G Zirconia Oxygen. Analyzer
  • Designing Interface Electronics for Zirconium Dioxide Oxygen Sensors
    If not using one of Sensortechnics' ZBXYA interface boards for sensor control and conditioning of the XYA oxygen sensors, this appication note describes the basic building blocks required to create an interface circuit. AN_XYA-O2-electronics_E_11163.p65 Designing Interface Electronics
  • Selecting a Flame Detector
    imaging. Flames in a refinery, for example, are generally. fueled by hydrocarbons, which when supplied with oxygen and an ignition source, produce heat,. carbon dioxide, and other products of combustion. The intense reaction is characterized by the. emission of visible, UV, and IR radiation. Flame
  • Flame Detector in Paper Manufacturing
    to experience without them. ". Case Study - Combustibles Gas Detection in a Remote Landfill. Case Study - Combustible Gas Detection in Natural Gas Compressor Stations. Case Study - Combustible and Toxic Gas Detection in Water Pollution Control. Case Study - Methane Mitigation. Case Study - Oxygen Deficiency
  • Ionization Chamber Smoke Detectors
    . An ionization chamber is very simple. It consists of 2 plates with a voltage across them, along with a radioactive source of ionizing radiation. The alpha particles generated by the small radioactive source ionize the oxygen and nitrogen atoms of the air in the chamber. Ionization means that you end up
  • Practical Issues of Combustion (.pdf)
    the number of NOx reductions projects and the sales quantity of insitu oxygen detectors. The reason is that power plant betterment groups, operators, boiler manufacturers and engineering firms understand the direct relationship between NOx and excess air in the combustion process. An area of daily
  • Combustible Gas Safety Monitoring: Infrared vs. Catalytic Gas Detectors
    . • Ability to operate in the absence of oxygen or in. – must be returned to factory for repair. enriched oxygen. • Ability to operate in continuous presence of gas. Figure 3: Model IR2100 Point Detector - optical scheme. 3. 2. Site Location and Experience. Both IR point detectors and catalytic detectors

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