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  • Importance of Bump Testing (.pdf)
    Oxygen deficiency, exposure to toxic gases and explosive atmospheres are all too often responsible for confined space injuries and fatalities. In accordance with regulations and industry best practices, the only way to verify that atmospheric conditions are safe is to use an atmospheric monitor
  • Medical Device Link .
    Sensors serve a variety of functions in medical equipment, such as monitoring patient vital signs like blood pressure and the oxygen content of blood, regulating the flow of drugs to a patient, measuring a patient's body temperature, or noninvasively creating images of internal organs. Medical
  • Products & Services
    is suitable for clean room wipes and other products. Package Analyzer Doesn't Need An Operator PBI-Dansensor analyzer allows manufacturers and packagers of pharmaceutical vials, parenterals, transdermals and medical devices to obtain accurate readings of package oxygen. Unlike gas chromatographs, which
  • The Ups and Downs of Taking the Bus
    possible, but in specific instances, conventional instrumentation was required. Fermentation exhaust gas monitoring is performed using PerkinElmer Model 1100 medical gas analyzers (Figure 3, right). These analyzers measure carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen in the fermentation exhaust gases
  • Reference: Glossary of Terms
    that surrounds the earth. The composition of air is 78.08% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.03 carbon dioxide and 0.93% argon. Standard air has a density of 0.075 lb/ft3 measured dry at 70 °F (21.1 °C) and 760 mm Hg, M.W. 28.3. Anhydrous - A descriptive term meaning without water. Back Pressure Regulator - Used
  • What's All This "Bump" Test Stuff About Anyhow?
    that someone come to the control room to investigate. The safety department sent someone up stairs with a typical multi-gas monitor designed to detect carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen and combustible gases. The monitor was turned on and placed on the control room counter. After a few minutes
  • MICRO:April 98:Product Technology News
    to 0.1% oxygen. Another model with a reading down to 0.1 ppm is available for critical applications. A rugged calibration knob, carrying strap, and a purging guide are standard features. CIS series closed ion gas analyzers provide a detection limit of 1 ppm for all gases and direct sampling
  • Advanced Oxidation Ditch Performance (.pdf)
    in the ditch mixed liquor but does not continue without aeration past that point. In this case, BOD removal is not inhibited by the lack of an electron acceptor, and the time available for nitrification is maximized. The ORP process control method is based on the change in ORP readings as oxygen

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