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  • Cartridge / Column Solid-Phase Extraction
    Cartridge / column solid-phase extraction (SOPE) cartridges and discs are traditional solid-phase extraction configurations. These devices are usually in the form of a barrel of a medical syringe, packed with a small amount of sorbent. Cartridge / column solid-phase extraction devices are usually
  • 50 Years, and Counting, for Gas-Phase Chromatography
    in 1952 for predicting the gas phase could be used in chromatography. Martin had since invented the gas density balance, the essential apparatus for estimating components in GC. Under Martin, McNair packed columns and evaluated some 80 liquid phases for various chemicals, and fetched coffee
  • Chromatography Instruments
    of chromatography. Chromatography instruments can be defined as separation techniques involving mass-transfer between stationary and mobile phases. Gas chromatography is a technique used to separate volatile organic compounds. Gas chromatography columns (GC columns) are of two types: packed and capillary
  • Critical Leak Requirements in GC/MS, LC/MS and Analytical Instruments (.pdf)
    for chromatography consists of an injection port at one end of a metal column packed with substrate material and a detector at the other end. A carrier gas propels the sample down the column while flow meters and pressure gauges in the instrument maintain a constant flow.
  • Measuring trace ionic impurities in ultrapure acids and bases with ion chromatography (Third in a series)
    application to samples having highly concentrated ionic matrices had been limited until the introduction of moderate-capacity ion-exchange columns. These resins, packed in a smaller- diameter column (2 mm versus the conventional 4 mm), offer high background suppression capability when using
  • New ideas reshape solid modeling
    appropriate nuts and washers. The software lets users customize the feature to industry norms and company preferences. In the last 24 months, developers of solid-modeling systems have packed more productivity features and technology into their software, making them increasingly powerful design tools
  • 2002 Mercury Mountaineer
    To test the prowess of the 2002 Mercury Mountaineer, my boyfriend Pat and I packed it up and headed for the hills of West Virginia. To test the prowess of the , my boyfriend Pat and I packed it up and headed for the hills of West Virginia. The Mountaineer handled the challenging mountain roads
  • Tilt the modules and shrink the fans, says thermal software
    The whole point of simulation software is to test ideas on the fringe. Even tightly packed control rooms show sufficient cooling for each cabinet. The Honeywell Experion R300 system has over 30 process-control I/O and controller modules stacked in columns. Stacking modules at an 18 tilt directs

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  • Fluid Dynamics of Packed Columns
    Fluid Dynamics of Packed Columns .
  • Packed Towers
    Preface In the chemical and allied industries, there is a continuously rising trend towards separation processes that are operated in packed columns with systematically stacked or randomly dumped beds.
  • Fluid Mechanics Heat Transfer and Mass Transfer: Chemical Engineering Practice
    applications (absorption, distillation, crystallization, adsorption), and equipment (tray and packed columns , crystallizers, dryers, and membrane modules), and anticipates and resolves operational issues (column flooding, liquid inclusion in crystals).
  • Distillation Engineering
    ...Columns and Best Mode of Operation A. Evaluating and Calculations, Separating Effect, Pressure Loss, Load, Specific Column Volume, and Specific Column Cost B. Numerical Evaluation for Packed Towers C. Quantitative Evaluation for Plate-Type Columns D. Packed Columns versus Tray Columns-Operational...
  • Practical Gas Chromatography
    We distinguish between packed columns and capillary columns.
  • Preparative Chromatography: of Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Agents
    ...adsorbent Dead time of the plant without column Retention time Net retention time Switching time of the SMB plant Total dead time Temperature Degree of peak asymmetry Velocity in the empty column Interstitial velocity in the packed column Effective velocity (total mobile...
  • HPLC of Peptides and Proteins
    In some cases, it is possible to invert the column prior to these washing steps to assist in removing particulate matter caught in the top of the column, although for pre- packed columns this step should only be used as a last...
  • Advanced Separation Techniques in the Analysis of Environmental Pollutants
    conventional fully porous particle- packed columns .5, 6 The higher performance at high flow .