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  • Pad Eyes-Image
    Pad Eyes - (40 companies)
    ...of pad eyes. Examples include welding ring pad eyes, folding pad eyes, eye straps, and anchor plates. Welding ring pad eyes have a diamond, square, oblong, round or saddle-shaped base that maximizes load distribution. They are cast or stamped...
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  • Eye Nuts-Image
    Eye Nuts - (73 companies)
    Eye nuts (eyenuts) are fasteners with a looped head. They are designed to receive a hook or rope. Eye nuts are rated for different types of applications and are oval or round in shape. Load-rated eye nuts are designed for vertical lifting...
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  • Shower and Eye Washing Stations-Image
    Shower and Eye Washing Stations - (175 companies)
    Shower and eye washing stations are used for hand washing and emergency eye and body washing in laboratory, industrial or factory environments. How to Select Shower and Eye Washing Stations. Image Credit: Global Equipment Company. Shower and eye...
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    Optical Add/Drop Multiplexers - (12 companies)
    OADM. Image Credit: Alliance Fiber Optic Products and eci. Optical Add/Drop Multiplexers (OADMs) are used in wavelength-division multiplexing systems for multiplexing and routing fiber optic signals. They selectively add and drop individual or sets...
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  • Eyebolts-Image
    Eyebolts - (229 companies)
    ...types of eyebolts. Forged eyebolts are forged instead of formed. These one-piece fasteners that offer higher load ratings. Screw eyes are screws with a head shaped into a loop or eye. They are often used in lifting and rigging applications, or to guide...
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    Hooks - (293 companies)
    Hooks are load-transmitting components that are most often used in conjunction with chains and other equipment. Products are designated as eye hooks, clevis hooks, or grab hooks and are used to connect lifting and rigging attachments. Hooks...
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    Mechanical Testing Equipment - (432 companies)
    Mechanical testing equipment covers devices used for adhesion, compression, drop (shock), tensile, vibration and fatigue testing. The growing importance of quality control and assurance in production has contributed to an increasing demand...
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    Floor Locks - (27 companies)
    Floor locks are mechanical components with an adjustable-height pad. They prevent portable equipment from rolling. Floor locks can be mounted to the underside of carts, lift tables, and platform trucks. They are recommended for use on level surfaces...
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    Forging Services - (578 companies)
    In the forging process, metal is shaped by pressing, pounding, or squeezing under very high pressure to form parts called forgings. Almost any metal can be forged, including carbon, alloy and stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, brass, copper...
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    Leveling Feet, Pads, and Glides - (131 companies)
    Leveling feet, pads and glides consist of discs of varying shapes and sizes. They are used for leveling jigs, fixtures, and equipment. A leveling foot has a threaded stud for adjusting the level. A leveling pad has a recess on which a leveling stud...
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  • Introduction into the sociology
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