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  • Magnetic Inductive Flow Meters (.pdf)
    Magnetic inductive flow meters use Faraday's law of inductance to measure flow rates in electrically conductive fluids. Other technologies used to measure flow rate include paddle wheel, vortex and variable area tubes, but unlike these devices, magnetic inductive flow meters do not disrupt the flow
  • Star Feeders and Rotary Airlocks
    Star feeders or rotary airlocks consist of a paddle wheel-shaped rotor that rotates at low rpm to dispense material into a hopper or process unit (e.g., crushers, screener, and mixers). If the blades form a tight seal against the valve wall, the valves can be applied in airlock applications
  • Custom Lifts Help Old Man River Bow to 20th Century Technology
    The American Queen, one of only three overnight paddle wheel boats in the United States, has two custom lifts on board. One in the hold, for service, and the other, a 25,000 pound capacity unit that is used to raise and lower the entire command bridge a total of over 12 feet. And, if that wasn't
  • Application: Water Flow Volume Measurement Sensor (.pdf)
    wheel, and the. Reed Sensor is mounted strategically such that. the magnetic field of magnet will be sensed with. Figure 2. Water flows through unclogged filter producing flow measurement with good. each rotation of the paddle wheel. filter indicator light. • The reed switch used in the Reed
  • Application: Hot Tub & Spa Water Heating System Sensor (pdf)
    having the. magnet mounted to a mini paddle wheel, and the. Reed Sensor is mounted strategically such that. the magnetic field of magnet will be sensed with. Figure 2. No water is flowing so the spring magnet is retracted away from the reed switch. each rotation of the paddle wheel. keeping
  • Can a Fluid Sensors "Toughen-Up" a 20-Ton Earthmover?
    Sensors. Electro-Optic. Ultrasonic Type Level Sensors. Float Type Level Sensors. Warrick Conductivity Control Systems. Continuous Level Indicators. Continuous Level Transmitters. Receivers. Capacitive. ExOsense. Fluid Flow Switches and Sensors. Paddle Wheel and Turbine Sensors. Flow Switches. Pressure
  • Strain Gage Technical Data
    /Transit-Time Ultrasonics. Turbine and Paddle Wheel Flowmeter. Vortex Shedding Flowmeters and Pitot Tubes. Magnetic Flow Meters. Valves. Level Measurement. Pump & Mixers. Instrumentation and Accessories. Sanitary. Tubing. Fittings. pH & Conductivity. What 's New in pH & Conductivity. pH Field
  • Introduction to Flow Meters
    Selectable Air Speeds. • Accuracy of 1% of Setting or 0.1 m/s, Whichever is Larger. • Remote Option for Variable Air Speed. • Accommodates Either Hot-Wire or Vane-Type Anemometers. More Info >>. * Electronic Mass Flow Meters * Ultrasonic/Doppler Flow Meters * Turbine and Paddle Wheel Flow Meters