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    Cooling Towers - (240 companies)
    ...lower water temperatures than those achievable with air-cooled or dry heat removal processes. Layout and Operation. All cooling towers consist of a few basic components, including the following. The tower structure (frame) encloses the cooling... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Tower Packing - (39 companies)
    Tower Packing Information. Tower packing and tower fill materials are used in cooling towers to provide a high surface area for steam condensation without restricting air flow. Tower packing is a mass of inert, solid shapes. Within a cylindrical... Learn More
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    Electronic Cooling Fans - (560 companies)
    Electronic cooling fans move air to cool electronic devices. Description. Electronic cooling fans move air to cool electronic devices such as computers and appliances. They are also used in telecommunications, military, and general industrial... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Cooling Tunnels - (35 companies)
    Cooling tunnels ensure controlled temperature reduction in both batch and continuous process systems. They are similar to air convention ovens, but have no heating capacity. Cooling tunnels use blowers to force ambient air or outside air... Learn More
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    Communication Tower Erection Services - (97 companies)
    Communication tower erection services build communication towers, set up satellite dishes and install related communications equipment. They also provide design engineering, structural analysis and line testing services. Additional capabilities may... Learn More
  • Refrigerants, Antifreezes, and Cooling Liquids - (216 companies)
    Primary refrigerants use a thermodynamic or adiabatic process (evaporation-condensation cycles) to remove heat and cool a region. Secondary refrigerants such as antifreeze liquids provide cooling solely through heat transfer. Refrigerants... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Light Towers are portable lighting devices that are used to illuminate work areas. These products are commonly towable and provide their own power source. Learn More
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    ...cellular, and wireless applications. Masts are often mounted on another tower or building to extend height or for horizontal extension from a tower or pole. Mobile towers often include a telescoping tower that tilts up or folds down. They are suitable... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Compressed Air and Vortex Cooling Tubes - (45 companies)
    Compressed air and vortex cooling tubes are used for spot heating or cooling applications. Compressed air and vortex cooling tubes use are used for spot heating or cooling applications. Filtered, pressurized gas is injected into a chamber whose... Learn More
  • Condensate Polishers - (20 companies)
    Condensate polishers use ionic exchange to remove mineral contaminants that can limit performance and reduce system life in boilers, heat exchangers, HVAC cooling towers, steam turbines, nuclear power plants, and industrial processes. Condensate... Search by Specification | Learn More
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  • Cleaner-Energy Investments
    Paharpur Cooling Tower , India Boiler feed pump .
  • Reliability-based structural design
    From 1986 to 1988 he was a Design Engineer at Paharpur Cooling Towers , India.
  • The Future of Thermal Comfort in an Energy- Constrained World
    A notable innovation to cope with pollution has been adopted by the Paharpur Business Centre in New... Radiant cooling studies have demonstrated the efficacy of using chilled ceilings to achieve sensible cooling (Yellott 1989). Overhead, the towers of Bangkok’s old Expansion loom, robed in vines and mold, win- dows long ago...
    Fig. 8.2.5 Paharpur Vihara in North Bangladesh. ...the buildings as high as possible ensures that they receive the maximum of cooling breezes, so that... The tower rises up from the ground in a majestic curve which reaches towards the sky.
  • Rabindra complex :Dakshindihi, Phultola, Khulna
    Cool , dry and low wind velocity. The Paharpur and Bagerhat preservation will illustrate the point.  Hinge, bolt, tower bolt, padlock, doorstopper etc.  Electrical work including concealed wiring, fitting and fixture.
  • Diseases of Fruits and Vegetables Volume I
    Production of conidia occurs in gelatinous spore masses or sporodochia and is favored by cool , wet weather. ...rot develops that leaves the epidermal tissue intact while the entire core rots ( Tower and Beraha, 1976). Paharpur , Sinduria, Puttu, Mundappa, Kalapady, Pairi, Madras- Apoos, Sukul, Langra, Bombai, Zarda and Zardalu (Chakravarti et al...
  • Management of Transboundary Rivers and Lakes
    ...of new thermal and nu- clear plants would require significant additional quantities of cooling water, a fact... the Cuvelai Basin (a) and into Ongiva (b) where the main water tower was destroyed because... The Kabul River canal, Paharpur and Upper Swat canals, were completed in 1907 and 1914.
  • Driving the Economy through Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    ...Asti, Ataura, Bajpur Gangaura, Belwa, Bhaisora, Chanda Coder, Jehta, Khargapur, Kharsara, Kuroni, Mall, Paharpur , Parvatpur, Rahata, Samerapitpur... ...frequent constraint in the wireless market is access to property to build the towers , since the first... ...area of a data center is a raised floor elevated so that “ cool air can be...

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