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  • Coatings Choose Ultrasound: Polymers Paint Color Journal
  • USG Interiors Paint Note: It's All in the Hue (.pdf)
    For Bill Fichtel of USG Interiors, the world's largest manufacturer of ceiling suspension grid, having paint colors not match is like having the "roof cave in". That is why Fichtel, production supervisor/paint department, relies heavily on spectrophotometer technology and computer software
  • Paint Reveals Corrosion
    COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Researchers at Ohio State University are developing an early warning system for aircraft degradation -- paint that changes color when the metal beneath it begins to corrode. While maintenance crews can search for corrosion with several high-tech tools including electromagnetic
  • Paint Removal
    tools that are not properly painted, causing customer complaints. The purpose of paint on a machine tool is two-fold. First it protects the metal surfaces from corrosion and, second, serves as decor to add to the appeal of the machine. For many years the standard color for a machine tool was gray
  • Industrial Colors and Powder Coating
    to make plastic parts in colors...and metal parts can be produced with color finishes as well, sometimes as simply as by applying paint. J.W. Winco - Engineering Tips - Industrial Colors and Powder Coating. Engineering Tips: Industrial Colors and Powder Coating. Designing machinery may not be the most
  • Share Your True Colors
    and instruments for a variety of industries. These range from paint and coatings, plastics, textiles, ink, printing, paper and food to automotive and others. Frugia is responsible for all product development, marketing and customer. Show Your True Colors
  • Paint Matching: American Paint and Coatings Journal (.pdf)
    Color matching, particularly in the manufacture of paint and coatings, has always been considered somewhat of an art. With the advent of color measuring instruments and software, and the subsequent technical advancements in both, the ability to generate the same color consistently has become more
  • PCI Article on Paint Measurement (.pdf)
    arrived in retail paint stores. Total reliance on subjective color matching was no longer the norm. Spectral color measurement had replaced it. Increasingly, coatings customers began to provide their suppliers with instrument-based numerical specifications.