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  • Thermal Transfer Ribbons and Foils-Image
    Thermal Transfer Ribbons and Foils - (32 companies)
    How To Select Hot Stamping Foils. Image Credit: Dingword | Shenzhen Lifibu Investment & Development Co., Ltd. Hot stamping foils or films are used to emboss a metallic or colored finish onto a surface, usually through a thermal bonding or hot...
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  • Thin Film Equipment-Image
    Thin Film Equipment - (326 companies)
    Thin film equipment uses vacuum processing for the modification of surfaces using CVD, PVD, plasma etching, and thermal oxidation or ion implantation. Thin Film Equipment Information. Thin film equipment is vacuum process equipment...
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    Hot Cells - (8 companies)
    How to Select Hot Cells. Hot cells are shielded radiation containment chambers that allow operators to safely handle and manipulate radioactive isotopes. They are used in both the nuclear energy industry and in nuclear medicine. Construction. Hot...
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  • Hot Melt Adhesives-Image
    Hot Melt Adhesives - (235 companies)
    Hot melt adhesives are solvent-free chemical compounds that are used to join materials. They can be repeatedly softened by heat and hardened or set by cooling, allowing parts to be removed or repositioned during assembly. Description. Hot melt...
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  • Thin Film Monitors-Image
    Thin Film Monitors - (58 companies)
    Thin Film Monitors Information. Thin film monitors are used to analyze and/or control thin film deposition rate, composition and properties. Thin film monitors such as quartz crystal microbalances, ellipsometers or spectrometers for in-situ...
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    TLD and Film Badges - (16 companies)
    Thermoluminescent dosimeters (TLDs) and film badges offer delayed-read measurements of cumulative exposure to ionizing radiation. They are commonly worn by personnel. Thermoluminescent dosimeters (TLDs) and films badges are wearable devices...
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    Thin Film Materials - (197 companies)
    Thin film materials are high purity materials and chemicals such as precursor gases, sputtering targets, or evaporation filaments used to form or modify thin film deposits and substrates. How to Select Thin Film Materials. What Are Thin Film...
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    Hot Runner Controllers - (40 companies)
    Hot runner controllers are specialized temperature controllers that keep specialized injection-mold components at the design temperature in order to keep the mold material flowing. They use several different control techniques. Limit control...
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    Film Cameras - (7 companies)
    Film Cameras use photographic film, usually a plastic coated with a light-sensitive emulsion, that when exposed to light, forms a latent image. A chemical process called film developing is later applied to the film to produce visible images.. Film...
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    Film Capacitors - (203 companies)
    Film capacitors are insulated with polyester, polycarbonate, polypropylene, polystyrene, or other dielectric materials. Film Capacitor Basics. Film capacitors are passive components that use an extremely thin plastic film as a dielectric insulator...
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    … products include adhesives, lacquers, laminates, coatings, linings, foams, varnishes, enamels, paints, emulsions, mastics, films , ceranioplastics, inks, and … … cliroinium, colunibium (niobium), copper, hafnium, indium, irid- ium, iron, lead, magnesium, molybdenum, nickel, palladium , platinum, rhenium, tantalum … Metallurgical forming and treating proc- esses include extrusion, dispersed phase hardening, forging, hot dip coating, mold casting, continuous casting, centrifugal casting, machining, melting, powder metallurgy, rolling, cold working, electroplating, welding, stamping , and strain hardening.
  • Polymer Engineering
    - Film hinterspritzen (In-Mold-Decoration, IMD The two component injection molding opens the greatest geometric freedom of all MID manufacturing methods and occurs most frequent by the hot embossed technique. … becomes the first weft (Vorspritzling) removed from metallisierbaren plastics from the tool and bekeimt with palladium Pd.
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  • Advanced Technologies in Manufacturing, Engineering and Materials
    … Rail S.H. Deng and Y. Deng Study on the Shape Distortion of Sheet Inner-Concave Flanging L.Y. Zhang and Z. Sun Study of the Effect of Hot Gas on Atomization Quality … … Region in Tailored Tempering Stamping of Ultra-High Strength … … D.G. Chen, D.F. Weng and L.L. Lin Behavior of Thin- Film -Type Delamination of … Ha and R.I. Murakami Study on Properties of Extraction Palladium (II) with the New Synthesized Material …
  • Flexible Organic Circuits with Printed Gate Electrodes
    … fabricated the master on a silicon wafer by spin-coating a polybenzoxazole (PBO) film with a thickness … The stamp is cured in an oven at a temperature of 60 C for several hours. Following the printing, the sub- strate is successively immersed in a palladium activation bath, a reduction bath … However, it is unclear if the printed silane patterns are stable in hot , strongly basic, or strongly …
  • CVD of polymeric thin films: applications in sensors, biotechnology, microelectronics/organic electronics, microfluidics, MEMS, composites and membranes
    … C, Helbig W, Kim E and Whitesides G M 1996 Microcontact printing of palladium colloids: micron-scale … … Zheng H P, Gourdin S and Hammond P T 2002 Polymer-on-polymer stamping : universal approach to … … W S, Baxamusa S and Gleason K K 2007 Additively patterned polymer thin films by photo-initiated … … Towards all-dry lithography: electron-beam patternable poly(glycidyl methacrylate) thin films from hot filament chemical vapor …
  • 70.3: Ink Jet Printing for Selective Conductor Processes for Displays and Flexible Circuits
    … and fabricating microlens structures is typically done using UV-embossing of photoacrylates or hot -embossing on polyurethane … … embossing to create 3-D structures on thin polymer substrates such as Mylar, and other PET films . A replicated stamp (PDMS, silicone) is created by dispensing a thermal-setting resin onto the master and … Printing materials used in this work are UV-active precursors with a palladium catalyst and an electroless …
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  • Macromolecular chemistry
    By hot embossing, e.g., the hot embossing die on a multilayer embossing film (see the figure 5.94) is impressed. … plastics through chemical reduction of a noble metal solution (e.g., silver or palladium solution) is reached.
  • Author index with titles (volume 24)
    Siberchicot B and Cl´erouin J: Properties of hot liquid cerium by LDA + U molecular dynamics 455603 Sichelschmidt J: see Belov S I … … I P, Chulkov E V and Echenique P M: Tuning the plasmon energy of palladium –hydrogen systems by varying … … Stamopoulos D: see Fardis M 156001 Stampfl C: see Carter D J 255801 Stamps R L: see … dependent in-plane electric transport of epitaxial ZnO thin films on SrTiO3 substrates 295801 Sun L-Z …

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