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  • White Paper: Pop-Up Roller Conveyors are Ideal for Right-Angle Transfer of Parts
    Pop-up roller conveyors are very effective in transferring a pallet or tray from a chain conveyor to a powered (live) roller conveyor, or vice versa.
  • Case Study: UNEX Roller Racks Increase efficiency, Help Georgia Tractor Manufacturer Harvest Peachy Profits
    . result in quicker parts picks and. substantial labor savings. Their plan. proposed maximizing the storage. density of the existing overhead bulk. pallet areas and then placing bays of. Unex Roller Racks on ground level,. tucked within the pallet rack struc-. ture. “A lot of lost production time
  • ConAgra - Food Industry - Conveyor Roller Deck Vehicle - Application Note
    Pallets of food in small containers are delivered from staging Conveyors to Retorts for high temperature cooking. Once cooking cycle is complete, the Retort opens automatically. The plant production system sends a message to SGV Manager. An SGV is ordered to remove the pallet and return
  • Plastic Film
    Handling Procedure: Pick up a roll of plastic film from a cart in the horizontal position. Once the roll is gripped, it will be pitched down 90??to a vertical orientation and placed on a shipping pallet. The reverse is also possible, where the roll will be brought into the work cell on. a pallet
  • Diaper Tape Rolls
    HANDLING DESCRIPTION: Transferring 72" wide tape rolls that are slit into ½" to 3" wide sections. Slit sections are picked up from a table in a core horizontal position and placed on a pallet in a core vertical position. PROBLEM: Minimal floor space is available with pallets placed over a wide work
  • Engine Block
    Problem: Existing hook hung end-effector was used to unload blocks from a pallet, but was unable to unload parts from a new overhead conveyor. Operators were unloading blocks by hand, flipping them over 180° and placing them on an outbound conveyor. Application: Transfer blocks from an inbound
  • Custom Engineered Container Dumping Solutions (.pdf)
    , CD-ROM equipment video, and photos of similar units with. exclusive Material Transfer features. The customer invested in two (2) Material Transfer, Low Level Lift & Seal™ Container Dumpers with. a 60° dump angle, 304 stainless steel pour hood, 16” square roller gate, and a pallet jack moveable
  • Differential
    Handling Procedure: Pick up the differential from the mold using the fork/trap tool. Once the differential is picked up, it will be removed from the mold, manually rotated 180??for the operator to remove any sand left in the differential, rotated 180??to its original position and placed on a pallet
  • Rolls of Banding
    Problem: End-effector must handle large variations in roll diameters. The roll cannot withstand excessive grip force. The unit would need to handle over 5,000 in-lbs of off-center moment loading. Application: Picking up the outside of rolls from a mandrel and transferring them to a pallet. Rolls
  • Semi Tractor Seats
    Problem: Seat weight increased beyond single operator capability. Application: Pick up a 150 lb. seat from a pallet and place inside a tractor cab from either the driver or passenger side. Solution: A rigid style Vertical Lift Cylinder mounted to a square form trolley with a Unified box rail truck

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  • Transport and storage logistics
    Disadvantages: The coupling technique, LIFO, repositions by not sortenreiner storage or by compliance with the FIFO principle, for DIN pallets the rolling frame necessarily (additional dray handling, feedback and storage).
  • Redesign of an Assembly Line Stop Mechanism for an Automated Palletized Transport System
    ...equals the absolute value of (F1) Σ (MA)Y = Sum of the moment about point “A�? wrt the vertical forces μSa = Static coefficient of friction between pallet and stop arm μSr = Static coefficient of friction between pallet roller and drive shaft Wp...
  • Mechanization at agglomeration plants
    Automatic lubricator for pallet rollers (No. 1 sinter plant, Karaganda Combine): I) gun advance weight; 2) lever; 3) guide; 4) longitudinal lever; 5) transverse lever; 6) rear car- riage, transverse travel; 7) detent; 8) pulley; 9) advance lever; i0) gun; Ii) front...
  • Operational experience of K-1-75 sintering machines
    Mobile lubrication plant for lu- bricating pallet rollers in the sintering ma- chine.
  • Advances in Sustainable and Competitive Manufacturing Systems
    After analyzing the collected data was selected a ventilation system—heating, electrical installation to the storage of finished products, and the right equipment store: a row pallet racks PHR, stacker cranes, pallet roller conveyor.