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  • Hardware Review
    these annoyances, making 3D work natural, effortless, and more fun. For instance, a strain gage inside the mouse monitors the position of the flexible control cap. A weighted base has two buttons that can be assigned different commands such as "Pan Only " or "Reset Tilt and North. " A 3D mouse lets users
  • Fiber Optic Solutions from S.I. Tech, Inc.
    or PAL Video Standards. . Composite (CVBS), S-Video, Component. (YPrPb) Video Formats. . Two way audio. . Pan/Tilt/Zoom. VIDEO. . Multimode or Single mode. AUDIO. 2830. . HDMI to Fiber Transmitter & Receiver. . Extend HDMI over Multimode Fiber. . SC Connectors. . Used with HD Camera, Blue