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...that the medical device industry adapted some test techniques, such as the Gurley porosity test and the Elmendorf tear test for paper-barrier packages, from the paper industry, but few tests were available to determine the seal strength or integrity of the medical package. A series of significant events over...

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  • Research on the Corrosion Resistance Properties of Electroless Ni-Cu-P Plating
    EXPERIMENT Experimental instruments Heating device : Electronic thermostat water bath DK-98-I ; Super … … structure: D8 Advance X-ray diffractometer (XRD) Hardness test : Nano test 600 equipment … … test · Measurement of porosity Evaluate the porosity by pasting paper onto the sample with …
  • ZHMMD2003P051
    … Titanium and Titanium Alloys, Biocompatibility of Clinical Implant Materials, Vol 1, D.F. Williams, Ed., CRC Press, 1981, p 9­44 J.A. McMaster, "Titanium for Prosthetic Devices ," paper presented at the DentalMedical … … 796, American Society for Testing and Materials, 1983 H. … and F. Ordway, Mechanical Properties and Structure of Ti-6Al-4V with Graded- Porosity Coatings Applied by …
  • Intra-aneurysmal flow reductions in a thin film nitinol flow diverter
    It is important to point out that all of these previous studies, while having comparable porosity to our current study, do not achieve the flow reductions observed with either Device 1 or Device 2 reported in this paper . … including each group using a different aneurysm model as well as differences in test setup and velocity …
  • A method for pressure-pulse suppression in fluid-filled piping
    The final attenuation in Figs. 14-17 refers to a theoretical limit after infinitely many wave reverberations (or the reentrant PPS device placement, as discussed earlier in this paper ). The comparisons in Figs. 14-17 between the measured and predicted attenuation factors indicate that the agreement is generally good for all levels of incident pule2 and porosity factors tested .
  • Investigation of wax and paper materials for the fabrication of paper-based microfluidic devices
    Recently, multi-level paper devices were developed, which opened up the possibility of run- ning parallel tests on smaller devices (Lin and Lee 2010). … main advantages of using paper materials are low cost, easy obtain-ability, high porosity , great biodegrad- ability …

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