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  • New refiner segments technology
    . With these new defibration segments, milder defibration of the chips takes place and the resulting pulp contains longer and stronger fibers. This paper presents practical trial results with low energy segments from both the KCL pilot refiner and from mill scale refiners. The concept of employing
  • Pulp and paper facilities
    PULP AND PAPER FACILITIES - CAN WE AFFORD THEM? Kellogg Brown & Root, Inc., 601 Jefferson Ave., JE1255, Houston Texas 77002, USA capital cost, pulp mills, value engineering Capital costs for new, world class, pulp and paper facilities keep increasing. This has resulted in a challenge for financing
  • Journal papers
    Technical papers and articles which have appeared in TAPPSA Journal (arranged in order of date of appearance) Biocide-free slime control in pulp and paper mills New low impact paper coating technology The use of alkenyl succinic anhydride for sizing recycled fibres Web monitoring - breaks reduced
  • Enhanced pulp screening
    quality products and simulation tools for system design. Pressure screening is a key process in pulp and paper production and is used to enhance the quality of a wide range of pulp and paper products. While the usual goal of screening is to remove oversize contaminants from the pulp, screening is finding
  • AbitibiBowater Refiner Maintenance in TMP Mills: Radiator Cleaning (.pdf)
    Like everywhere in the pulp and paper industry, production equipment requires efficient cooling systems. In thermo-mechanical pump mills, refiners run continually, 24 hours a day, using radiators to cool down. In the course of time, radiators get dirty and their performance decreases, which can
  • Innovative technology advances TMP energy savings
    energy without any adverse effects on pulp quality. The mill employed an innovative new technology in the Sunds RGP 76CD rejects refiners to achieve the energy saving goal – SmartPlates , which is one way of improving the refiner operation, through use of an array of temperature sensors embedded
  • Part 2
    Part 2: Synergistic effects between P-RC APMP and bleached kraft pulps from Canadian Aspen Preprint of 89th Annual Meeting of the Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada, Montreal, Quebec P-RC APMP and commercial market bleached kraft pulps from Canadian aspen wood were compared both
  • Control in the refining process
    such as burst and tensile increase with energy whatever pulp is being treated. For this reason, for most pulps, tear and tensile cannot be optimised and a compromise is necessary. Specific energy is probably the most widely used method of refiner control. While relatively complex compared

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  • Compressors and Modern Process Applications
    External monitoring optional as required Trains that can share a common lube system between machine, driver, and gearbox Heavy-impact loads such as rock crushers, paper pulp refiners , dredge pumps, etc.
  • Optical measurement of pulp quantity in a rotating disc refiner
    ...speed photography of pulp flow patterns in a 5 MW pressurized refiner Paper Timber 6 689–95 [5] Stationwala M I, Atack D and Karnis A J 1992 Distribution and motion of pulp fibres on refiner bar surface Pulp Paper Sci. 18 J131–7 .
  • Nanotechnology: Environmental Implications and Solutions
    Other sources of sulfur dioxide include refiners , pulp and paper mills, smelters, steel and chemical plants, and energy facilities related to oil shale, syn (synthetic) fuels, and oil and gas production.
  • ZASMHBA0004190
    Corrosion in the Pulp and Paper Industry, Technical Section, Canadian Pulp and Paper Association, May 1998, p 131 C.B. Thompson, A Survey of Inspection Procedures and Materials Problems in Chip Refiner Systems, Pulp Paper Canada, Vol 94 (No. 7), 1993, T199­T203...
  • Mill in real time | ISA
    This module covers all heavy equipment for each mill, such as thermo-mechanical pulp systems, refiners , paper machines, and winders.
  • Mill in real time | ISA
    This module covers all heavy equipment for each mill, such as thermo-mechanical pulp systems, refiners , paper machines, and winders.
  • Derivative filter is an integral part of PID design
    The application in question is the design of a flow controller for the inner loop of a cascaded control of dilution water to a thermomechanical- pulp (TMP) refiner at Braviken Paper Mill, Norrkoping, Sweden.
  • Wood chip fiber flow rate control and TMP refining energy saving
    “Control and Optimization of TMP Refiners �?, Pulp & Paper Canada, 96:5 pp.31-35, 1995.