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  • A Parabolic Solar Reflector For Accurate And Economic Producibility
    To produce the CPC reflectors using aluminum sheet formed into a proper half parabolic trough, a heavy aluminum male form was machined to be used to contour the flat sheet with a hydraulic press.
  • Proceedings of ISES World Congress 2007 (Vol. I – Vol. V)
    The absorber is simply bolted with the rectangular slots machined at the base of the Polypropylene parabolic ribs and covered with a rectangular sheet channel fixed at the base of the polypropylene parabolic ribs. Fig. 3: CPC Trough Test Module Consisting out of (a) 6 simple steel V-frames screwed to parabolic ribs; (b) 6 polypropylene Parabolic Ribs; (c) 6 Aluminium Reflectors ; (d) 2 steel bracing member bolted with parabolic ribs.
  • Science and Technology Review October 1999
    Key Words: compound parabolic concentrator ( CPC ), Diode-Pumped Solid-State Green Laser (DPSSGL), industrial lasers, precision laser machining . Laser rod Q switch High reflector .
  • Low-cost distributed solar-thermal-electric power generation
    More recent designs have employed nonimaging compound parabolic concentrator ( CPC ) reflectors to improve collector performance. The research and devel- opment on Stirling cycle machines has been documented in open literature such as …
  • Encyclopedia of Remote Sensing
    … multisensor data, 142 multivariate Gaussian model, 142 stacked vector approach, 141 support vector machines (SVMs), 142, 143 … … la Terre (SPOT) satellites, 324 topographic map, 320, 321 vegetation, 320 Large-aperture reflector antennas, 675–676 Larsen … … active phase, 349 convective cloudiness, 351 convectively inactive phase, 349 convective region, 352 CPC Merged Analysis of … … satellite altimetry, 461 spaceborne altimetric range measurements, 462 SRTM mission, 462 Offset (symmetric) parabolic reflectors, 669–674 edge …
  • Lens designs by ray tracing analyses for high-performance reflection optical modules
    … cells for practical terrestrial applications achievable to 27% of module efficiency by conventional machine assemble technology Sol. … micro-concentrator module 3rd World Conf. on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion (Osaka, May 2003) 3P-3C-69, pp 861–4 [20] Fagg A H, Hales B and Philip Stahl H 1992 Projection Moire technique for contouring injection molded parabolic reflectors Proc. SPIE 1779 68–72 … … P, Bjo Nd and Karlsson R 2000 Optical efficiency of a PV–thermal hybrid CPC module for high …
  • Large-scale solar projects at the Weizmann Institute
    … of these machines strongly depends on their size and only huge multi.megawan machines can reach high … … solar system that can provide this power is a heliostat field, with multiple parabolic mirrors tracking the … … imaging concentrators can reach the required solar concentration by two different methods: Multiple cpc 's each viewing … Tower Reflector .
  • Human Detection Based on Active Infrared Illumination
    CPC concave reflector parabolic reflector … and A. Zisserman, “Tracking people by learning their appearance,” Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, IEEE Transactions …
    … model of an ORC cycle using R123 as working fluid and coupled to CPC collectors: the predicted … … this technology is a solar thermal power plant consisting of a field of parabolic solar concentrating collectors … Scroll machines show the advantage of being widely available, reliable and with a limited number of moving … - Collector field: 75m2 single-axis parabolic trough, using Miro aluminum reflectors and a Heat Collection Element (HCE …
  • Reflectivity of silver and silver-coated substrates from 25°C to 800°C [for solar collectors]
    One concept being considered to further concentrate the sun’s energy at the receiver aperture is the use of a compound parabolic concentrator ( CPC ) as a secondary concentrator (Ramalingam, et al., 1996). … compatible with the reflective layer at all operating temperatures and must be easily machined to the appropriate … Candidate substrates for high temperature silver reflectors .