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    Parabolic Mirrors - (36 companies) the distance from the mirror the light converges. Materials. Parabolic mirrors can be supplied in a variety of materials. Mirror material refers to the classification of the material used to make the mirror. The material used influences... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Optical Mirrors - (381 companies) the radius of curvature for the mirror. There are two thickness measurements for optical mirrors: center thickness and edge thickness. Units of measure include inches, feet, and yards; nanometers, centimeters, and millimeters, and miles... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Mirror Mounts - (25 companies) in a precise position where it is not being adjusted. There are many types of mirrors that are used for mirror mounts. Examples include laser mirrors, parabolic mirrors, optic mirrors, and flat mirrors. Laser mirrors are designed for high reflectance... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Laser Mirrors - (81 companies)
    Image Credit: Edmund Optics | CVI Laser Optics. Laser mirrors are designed for high reflectance and durability at individual laser wavelength ranges. Laser mirrors are used on the surface of solid-state lasers including alexandrite, Nd-glass, ruby... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Spherical Mirrors - (88 companies) center thickness or edge thickness. Focal length is the distance from the spherical mirror the light converges. Mirror material refers to the classification of the material used to make spherical mirrors. The material used influences the reflectivity... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Reflectors - (52 companies)
    ...reflectors are a circular segment from one side of a full paraboloid. The focal point is off the mechanical axis, giving full access to the reflector focus area. Unlike standard parabolic mirrors, these mirrors direct and focus incident collimated... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Telescopes - (58 companies)
    ...mirror. Typically, this mirror is a glass disk ground into a concave or parabolic shape. The mirror in reflecting telescopes is also coated with a thin film of silver or aluminum to make it highly reflective. By contrast, catadioptric telescopes use... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Power Systems - (963 companies) use parabolic mirrors to direct sunlight to a focal point where the solar receivers are located. A thermal fluid, typically synthetic oil, circulates the radiant energy from the solar receiver to a heat exchanger that in turn runs a steam... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Solar Panels - (66 companies)
    Solar Panels are modules built with a collection of solar cells and are used for the production of DC voltage and current directly from the sun energy. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Polishing and Buffing Machines - (321 companies)
    Polishers and buffing machines are used to impart a fine (low Ra) surface finish on the exterior of a part. To improve surface finish, they use use abrasive grain slurries or compounds on buffs, bobs, cloth naps, laps, very fine grit nonwovens, and coated abrasives. Search by Specification | Learn More
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Edmund manufactures a wide range of precision parabolic, spherical and flat mirrors in our own facility. These products are offered in a variety of metallic coatings to suit all your application requirements. Metallic coatings are delicate and, without a protective dielectric coating, require extra... a long parabolic mirror with a Dewar tube running its length at the focal point. Sunlight is reflected by the mirror and concentrated on the tube, where it is absorbed by the heat transfer oil flowing through it....

...of optical specifications and drawings where the slope error of the optical surface has been specified. 2.1. Laser Dimensional Gauging Instrument. A laser dimensional gauging instrument1 uses a laser beam stripe between confocal parabolic mirrors to measure the. physical diameters, lengths...

...measured with a Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR). ing robustness. spectrometer (Nicolet Magna 860), using a parabolic mirror to. To achieve high index contrast in the layered portion of the. couple light into the fibre and an external detector. The results of. fibre, we combined a chalcogenide glass...

...million kW-hr of electricity annually, reportedly enough to power about 14,000 homes. Instead of the familiar photovoltaic solar panels, the facility uses 760 parabolic troughs holding about 182,000 curved mirrors to concentrate sunlight on glass and steel receiver tubes. Fluid circulating...

parabolic curve, 20 tons of glass were heated to a temperature of 2100 degrees Fahrenheit and rotated in a circular furnace like a giant carousel. One of Ohio States contributions to the LBT project is the aluminization system that will be used to put a thin reflective coating on the curved surface...

...the facility uses parabolic troughs holding curved mirrors to concentrate sunlight on glass and steel receiver tubes. Fluid circulating through the tubes reaches temperatures as hot as 735 F and is used to generate steam, which drives a turbine and generator to produce electricity. One advantage solar...

...photodiodes into significant amounts of. virtually the opposite of light. on parabolic trough solar technology and. energy. emitting diodes (LED) and. advanced concentrating solar power tech-. In 2003, a European Funded, Frame-. can, with some smart design,. nologies to support the U.S. Department. work...

...throughout the day keeping the reflected solar image on the target. A blower forces air across the target to cool test specimens. The optical system is often described as a Fresnel reflecting solar concentrator with mirrors positioned as tangents to an imaginary parabolic trough. The test specimen's...

Another emerging energy-saving technology is hybrid solar lighting, a system that collects sunlight on the roof of a building with a. parabolic-shaped mirror, then directs light into the building through a series of fiber-optic cables. The light is then carried by the. fibers to special fixtures...

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