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Parts by Number for Paraffin Oil Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
PO-32 Clear Global Industrial Starlite Garden & Patio Torche Not Provided 32 Oz. Paraffin Oil With Citronella
PO-Gal Global Industrial Starlite Garden & Patio Torche Not Provided 1-Gallon Paraffin Oil With Citronella
PO-32 PAR Global Industrial Starlite Garden & Patio Torche Not Provided 32 Oz. Clear Paraffin Oil

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  • Medical Device Link .
    .; Stillwater, MN) holds one gallon of molten paraffin wax and is used by osteoarthritis patients during physical therapy (Figure 1). To help loosen their joints, patients dip their hands into the heated paraffin, which is then allowed to slowly solidify into a wax glove. Oils in the wax help keep the heat
  • Medical Device Link . The Gamma Radiation Tolerance of Polypropylene: Measurement and Enhancement
    on the Radiation Response of Propylene Homopolymer. Samples 5 and 6 were identical 25 dg/min MFR propylene homopolymers containing the standard additive package, except that an additional 3% of a paraffin oil was compounded into Sample 6. Experiment 3: Comparison of the Protective Effect on Irradiated
  • Petrochemical Pumps and Hydrocarbon Pumps
    Petrochemical pumps and hydrocarbon pumps are designated by their manufacturer as being applicable to the petrochemical industry. Refineries use petrochemical pumps and hydrocarbon pumps in the production of large quantities of gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, lubricating oil, paraffin wax, asphalt
  • Pollution Control that Pays Its Way
    by a scrubbing liquor, such as water, for miscible solvents; and paraffin oil, mineral oil, etc., for immiscible solvents - the later being necessary for the Armak solvents. The solvents are subsequently recovered by distillation. Although the system is generally simple and easy to operate, the low
  • Pour Point
    conditions. For diesel fuels, pour point is the temperature at which the amount of wax out of solution is sufficient to gel the fuel when tested under standard conditions. ASTM D97 and FTM 203 are standards for pour point. A pour point test cools a specimen inside a bath to allow the formation of paraffin
  • Gear Pump Material Compatibility and Viscosity Conversion
    Permissible. Nitre. (See Potassium Nitrate). Oil, Crude (Asphalt Base). Hot. Standard Fitted. Oil, Crude (Paraffin Base). Standard Fitted. Oil, Fuel. Standard Fitted. Oil, Kerosene. Standard Fitted. Oil, Lubricating (Lt. Or Hy.). Standard Fitted. Oil, Mineral. Standard Fitted. Oil, Vegetable. All Iron
  • Plastics Processing Applications: Continuous Hot Melt Production
    of manufacturing processes, including bookbinding, product assembly, and box and carton heat sealing. There are a number of hot melt adhesives in use, with the most common being those used for hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive applications: Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymers, compatible with paraffin
  • Medical Device Link . Fluorescence in situ hybridization
    denaturation conditions, such as high temperature and low salt or alkali, are adequate. However, formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues require more steps, including deparaffinization and enzymatic and/or chemical treatment to allow the probe access to the target DNA. Hybridization and washing parameters
  • Understanding and Meeting new MSAT Regulations for Refiners (.pdf)
    . • Paraffin dehydrocyclization. n-Hexane (25) MCP (89). + H. 14.5 Kcal/mole. 2. “Excellence in Applied Chemical Engineering”. Reformer Aromatic Yield Effects. • Aromatic yield is decreased by: – Lower temperature (decreases rxn rates). – Higher pressure (shifts equilibrium to left). – Higher space

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  • Handbook of Cosmetic and Personal Care Additives Volume 1
    ...Uses: Emollient, moisture barrier for skin care/protection prods.; fixing agent for perfume and act. substances Features: Nonsticky; eliminates whitening effect from o/w emulsions Regulatory: JSCI registered Properties: Liq.; insol. in water, disp. in vegetable oil and paraffin oil Abil® AV 20 [Goldschmidt...
  • Handbook of Lubricants
    Prods.: burning will produce toxic fumes HMIS: Health 0, Flammability 1, Reactivity 0 Calpar 60 [Calumet Spec. Prods.] Chem. Descrip.: Paraffin oil See Mineral oil CAS 8012-95-1; EINECS/ELINCS 232-384-2 Uses: Base oil for gear...
  • Compilation of Odor and Taste Threshold Values Data
    1 = air, 2 = water, 3 = milk, 4 = skim milk, 5 = paraffin oil , 99 = others Code for Modality: .
  • Compilation of Odor and Taste Threshold Values Data
    Air Water Milk Skim milk Paraffin oil Groundnut oil 10% ethanol Corn oil Vegetable oil Safflower oil Synthetic deodorized butter Beer .