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ImageStation ® OrthoPro for Distributed Processing   Intergraph Corporation Image Analysis Software OrthoPro Distributed Processing is provided in conjunction with TerraShare ® to control and monitor jobs across the enterprise. This allows many images to be processed in parallel, thus greatly increasing throughput and decreasing total project time. OrthoPro DP requires TerraShare Server Core...
Pressure Seal Parallel Slide Gate Valves   Velan, Inc. Butterfly Valves hydrocarbon or petrochemical processing services. Only Velan offers the advantages of one-piece forged valves in sizes up to 24" (600 mm). Features and benefits. Velan pressure seal parallel slide gate valves are ideal for clean service and steam. • Velan's proven pressure seal design. &bull...
100327L   CompUSA Video Cards AMD Advanced Parallel Processing, and 2nd Generation TeraScale Engine technologies. The Sapphire 100327L Radeon HD 6750 Video Card is also ready for AMD CrossFireX ™multi-GPU support and lets you enjoy superb displays with its AMD Eyefinity Technology. In addition, it lets you work on your...
11607   Pickering Laboratories, Inc. High Performance Liquid Chromatographs (HPLC) parallel processing. Engineered for robustness and low maintenance, the GPC Uno provides the ease of use and the expandability to grow with your laboratory needs. FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS. One To Four Column Throughput. Parallel Or Individual Processing With Multiple Columns. Run-Time Fail-Safe...
H687FN1GD   CompUSA Video Cards . Equipped with the Accelerated Parallel Processing, the amazing video card ensures fast graphics delivery, while its HD3D enables production of enhanced 3D visuals. It also comes with the CrossFireX for mutli-GPU integration and the Eyefinity for interactive multi-display capability. Operated with a Radeon...
H 800   Star SU LLC Gear Manufacturing Machines workhorses for the cutting of gears with highest stock removal rates and the manufacturing of dif ficult materials. Wherever gears up to 800 mm in diameter are required, we can offer you a solution that suits your speci c need. With completely integrated chamfering and deburring stations and time-parallel...
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  • Parallel Programming in OpenMP
    Parallel Programming in OpenMP. Aimed at the working researcher or scientific C/C++ or Fortran programmer, this text introduces the competent research programmer to a new vocabulary of idioms and techniques for parallelizing software using OpenMP. Books24x7
  • Digital Signal Processing Using MATLAB and Wavelets
    and wavelet techniques provide the latest applications of DSP, including image processing, games, fi lters, transforms, networking, parallel processing, and sound.The book also provides the mathematical processes and techniques needed to ensure an understanding of DSP theory. Designed
  • Fluid Handling Keep parallel pumps in line Chemical Processing
    To increase the capacity of a unit, some plants operate pumps in parallel. However, the benefit of the second or third pump in parallel depends upon the system curve (for pressure drop) and the pump curves (for pressure supply). Understanding how load allocates between multiple pumps in parallel
  • 5 Critical Factors to Consider When Choosing a Processing Solution for Your HPC Application
    For some classes of high-performance computing (HPC) applications, large-scale use of multicore processors has been hindered by the current software gridlock, in which parallel processing and programming software tools and application mapping for multicore chips beyond a few cores have been largely
  • Server Architectures: Multiprocessors, Clusters, Parallel Systems, Web Servers, and Storage Solutions
    Server Architectures: Multiprocessors, Clusters, Parallel Systems, Web Servers, and Storage Solutions. Comparing various options regarding server architecture from two separate points of view, this text presents different aspects of server architecture from databases designed for parallel
  • Reducing Parametric Test Costs with Faster, Smarter Parallel Test Techniques
    strategies for decreasing cost of test include testing less, testing more efficiently, testing differently, and reducing the cost of the testers used. 2499 Parallel Test White Paper.indd WHITE. PA P E R. Reducing parametric test costs with. faster, smarter parallel test techniques. Jeff Kuo
  • Parallel 64K Complex FFT Algorithm for the IBM/Sony/Toshiba Cell Broadband Engine Processor
    as the coordinated processing of a single. has seldom been straight forward. The Cell is no. data set across multiple (i.e., two or more). exception. processing units. Typically, parallel algorithms. are used to reduce the latency for processing a. The purpose of this paper is therefore not to offer. particular
  • Serial and Parallel Thermal Compensation (.pdf)
    ,. detectors do not require special power supplies and detector signal processing and noise limited operation. can be achieved readily with commercially available operational amplifiers (OpAmps) and relatively simple. circuits. Pyroelectric detectors will only respond to changes in incoming radiation