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  • Winds Of Change Are Blowing For Couplings: Modified CD (R) Coupling Solves High Performance Requirements in Wind Turbines Designed by NEG Micon
    to 0.040 " (1mm) parallel misalignment and up to 3 angular misalignment. The composite material has a ply or fiber orientation to it which gives it rigidity and also dampens shock. Early in the turbine design process, NEG Micon engineers had to modify the distance between gearbox and turbine
  • Shaft Flexible Couplings - Application Considerations (.pdf)
    . To achieve high torsional rigidity together with high. mobility/compliance in misalignment directions (radial or parallel offset, axial, angular), torsional and misalignment-compen-. sating displacements in the coupling have to be separated by using an intermediate compensating member. Frequently
  • Miniature Couplings and Their Use (.pdf)
    cycle (continuous, intermittent, alternating, etc.). b. Demanded life expectancy. c. Maintenance period. 3. Environmental conditions. a. Shock and vibration quantity. b. Temperature and humidity values. c. Other (oil, salt, dust). 4. Shaft misalignment. a. Parallel misalignment. b. Angular
  • Criteria for Power Transmission Couplings:
    . The torsional rigidity and absence of backlash are especially important in servo-controlled systems. To achieve high torsional rigidity together with high compliance in misalignment directions (radial or parallel offset, axial, angular), torsional and misalignment-compensating displacements
  • ServoClass (R) Coupling Eliminates Backlash Potential in Integrated Seam Sealing Systems; Couplings Connect Servo Motors to Ball Screws
    is smoother system performance and longer operating life of the connected components. Parallel Seam Sealer Utilizes SC020 Servo Class. Couplings For Pick And Place And Positioning System. The automatic lid placing system (XY axis), utilizes three model SC020 ServoClass (R) couplings (.25 " x 8 mm
  • Flexible Shaft Coupling Primer
    . Newsletters. Notable Quotables. Press Releases. Wacky News of the World. Groschopp, Inc. 50503 PM6015-PS2120 - DC Parallel Shaft Gearmotors 12V Series. Flexible Shaft Coupling Primer. - March, 2001. More Information: download: FLEXIBLE SHAFT COUPLING PRIMER.doc. Visitor Survey | Advanced Search | Site
  • Special designs for Bervina beam couplings
    Bervina helical beam couplings are an all-metal single piece construction manufactured by cutting a helix into the stainless steel or aluminum body. The coupling is capable of accommodating angular, parallel and axial misalignment while continuing to transmit torque between shafts. Bervina beam
  • Pump Case Study-Precision Coupling Alignments Make A Difference (.pdf)
    parallel misalignment of the shaft; however. conventional machine fault charts suggest parallel misalignment is. characterized by higher radial readings than axial, though we see this is. not the case in this instance.

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