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  • SCSI Converters-Image
    SCSI Converters - (11 companies)
    SCSI converters translate between the various SCSI interfaces such as single-ended to high-voltage differential (HVD), or HVD to low-voltage differential (LVD), etc. SCSI Converters Information. SCSI converters translate between the various SCSI... Learn More
  • SCSI Products-Image
    SCSI Products - (162 companies)
    SCSI Products Information. SCSI products include SCSI host adapters and controllers, SCSI converters, SCSI terminators, and SCSI switches. Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI) is an intelligent I/O parallel peripheral bus with a standard... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • GPIB Converters-Image
    GPIB Converters - (15 companies)
    GPIB converters translate data from the GPIB bus to another bus type, and vice versa. For instance, an RS232-to-GPIB converter translates serial commands generated by the RS232 interface into GPIB commands. GPIB converters translate data from... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Network Media Converters-Image
    Network Media Converters - (352 companies)
    Network media converters change the signal of encoded data from one media type to another as it is transmitted through, or between, networks. Network Media Converters Information. Network media converters are used to interconnect different types... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Serial Interfaces-Image
    Serial Interfaces - (140 companies)
    Serial interfaces are used to connect or convert an analog signal to a serial-digital output signal, and to convert from one network standard to another. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Cable Assemblies - (1969 companies)
    Cable assemblies are collections of wires or cables banded into a single unit with connectors on at least one end. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Digital Parallel and Serial Converters - (16 companies) a computer and also for communicating 8-bit data through a serial connection. The data rate of a serial converter is the rate in bits/sec (bps) at which the serial data is transmitted. Common specifications for serial converters are interfaces... Learn More
  • Serial Communications Products - (419 companies)
    Serial communication products are used in industrial and commercial systems to transmit data bit-by-bit, or sequentially, over a single wire. They include serial servers, serial hubs, serial adapters, serial data converters, serial routers... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • SCSI Adapters and SCSI Controllers - (89 companies)
    ...a daisy chain method. Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI) is an intelligent I/O parallel peripheral bus with a standard, device-independent protocol that allows many peripheral devices to be connected to the SCSI port. A single SCSI bus can drive... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Ethernet Cables - (371 companies)
    Ethernet cables are designed to support Ethernet, a standard protocol for the connection of computers in a local area network (LAN). They use twisted pair cables and modular connectors, and are designed to run at 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, or 1 Gbps. Search by Specification | Learn More
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...div_647. - 0 items. Shop By Category. Adapters. Coax Adapters / RF Adapters. IEEE-1394 FireWire Adapters. SCSI Adapters. USB Adapters. Video / Monitor Adapters. Audio Video Monitor Cables. RCA Audio Video Cables. VGA - SVGA Monitor Cables. DVI-D Cables (Digital DVI). DVI-I Cables (Analog+Digital). DVI... a parallel configuration. IEEE-488 Cable Construction. 24 conductors with twisted pairs. Braid Shield with a minimum. 85% coverage. Centronics style 24 position male to female piggy back connectors allowing for easy daisy chaining. Metric mating hardware,. M3.5 x 0.6. IEEE-488 Cable Assembly...

...connected, through a single master/slave cable to up to 20 slave frames. Each frame contains up to 68 parallel input channels. The input channels are available in modules of 4 channels, consisting of one DSP board with 16-bit sigma-delta ADC converters and 204.8kHz sampling frequency for each...

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Parallel port - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Parallel Port (LPT) A DB-25 connector often used for a parallel printer port on IBM PC compatible computers, with the printer icon.

Parallel ATA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Parallel ATA From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Parallel ATA Two ATA motherboard sockets on the left, with an ATA connector on the right.

of 4.4BSD by supporting the hp300; most types of machine are supported with 68030 or better processors, along with SCSI and HP-IB storage devices.

SCSI glossary, practical definitions and terminologies for...
SCSI Glossary Note: This SCSI glossary presents practical definitions and is not exhaustive.
See Paralan Corporation Information

Serial/Parallel Cables for GPIB (IEEE 488) -...
Serial/Parallel Cables SCSI-GPIB Cables > GPIB (IEEE 488) Solutions > Cables and Accessories > Cables > Serial/Parallel Cables
See National Instruments Profile & Catalog

FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE Hardware Notes
to use these with a SCSI controller supported by the esp(4) driver (Sun ESP SCSI, Sun FAS Fast-SCSI and Sun FAS366 Fast-Wide SCSI controllers).

FreeBSD Ports Collection Index
-- Qt4 bindings to packagekit ParMetis-4.0_1 -- A package for parallel (mpi) unstructured graph partitioning Pymacs-0.22_6 -- A Python package for

Series 800 Bus Architecture
Bus Converter tty 0 0/16 mux2 CLAIMED INTERFACE HP J2092A - 16 RS-232 MUX ext_bus 2 0/28 scsi3 CLAIMED INTERFACE HP Fast/Wide SCSI Interface disk 12

Glossary of Acronyms for PC and Server Technologies
communication riser AD - Active Directory ADC - analog-to-digital converter ADF - automatic document feeder ADS - Automated Deployment Services AEC -
See Microsoft Corp. Information

ext. cd-rw to parallel port - WinDrivers Computer Tech...
ext. cd-rw to parallel port Hi, Does anyone know where I can your not gonna get a scsi cd-rom drive to work on a parallel port.

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