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  • Parking Control Systems and Products-Image
    Parking Control Systems and Products - (96 companies)
    Parking Control Systems and Products Information. Parking control systems and products are used in automobile parking enforcement and management. Examples include parking meters, ticket dispensers, toll barriers and parking partitions. A parking... Learn More
  • Collision Avoidance Sensors-Image
    Collision Avoidance Sensors - (24 companies)
    ...and the driver can take the appropriate action. There are many different types of collision avoidance sensors. Examples include a parking sensor and a radar proximity sensor. A parking sensor is used in automobiles for safely parking the vehicles... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Radar Systems and Products-Image
    Radar Systems and Products - (168 companies)
    Radar systems and radar products have synchronized transmitters and receivers that send radio waves and detect their reflections from objects, surfaces or sub-surface structures. Radar Systems and Products Information. Radar systems and radar... Learn More
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    Radar Absorbing Materials - (9 companies)
    Radar Absorbing Materials Information. Radar absorbing materials and structures are designed to absorb radar waves and convert them to heat. Because these radar waves are not returned, radar absorbing materials (RAM) and radar absorbing structures... Learn More
  • Microwave Tubes-Image
    Microwave Tubes - (13 companies)
    Two-cavity Klystron or Klystrons are velocity-modulated tubes. Two-cavity Klystrons are widely used as communication equipment and radar. Klystrons require a strong electrostatic field for efficient emission of an electron beam. Crossed-field amplifiers... Learn More
  • Altimeters - (18 companies)
    Altimeters are instruments used to determine an object’s altitude above ground or sea level by interpreting measurements of atmospheric pressure, radar or GPS signals. Altimeters measure the device's altitude above ground or sea level to provide... Learn More
  • Paving Machines - (139 companies)
    Paving Machines Information. Paving machines are used to pave roadways, walkways, or parking areas. This product area includes all types of construction equipment for preparing, refurbishing, or laying asphalt. Types of Paving Equipment... Learn More
  • Scrubbers (Cleaning Tools) - (175 companies)
    Scrubbers are machines used to clean large surface areas such as walkways, roads, factory floors and parking areas. Scrubbers Information. Scrubbers are machines used to clean large surface areas such as walkways, roads, factory floors, and parking... Learn More
  • Road Construction and Paving Services - (511 companies)
    ...road construction, road rehabilitation, marking, and striping. Some road construction and paving services build, pave, stripe, and mark highways, roadways, driveways, and airport runways. Other businesses build and pave parking lots, race tracks... Learn More
  • Sweepers - (248 companies)
    ...for outdoor purposes, such as cleaning sidewalks and parking lots. Sweepers for large applications such as street cleaning are typically the rider models. For parking lots or small roadways, small rider sweepers are usually sufficient. A small rider... Learn More
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...perform. A parallel parking problem exercised back-up radar and video systems. Judges took vehicles carrying crash mitigation and adaptive cruise-control systems around a closed track under the supervision of engineers from Continental Automotive Systems Div. A slalom course around traffic cones...

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Parking Radar System - Product Picture From Shenzhen Windstone...
home products LED Display Parking Sensor Parking Radar System Parking Radar System... Miss Jona Zhu online service of our...

Car Parking Radar System Wholesale - China Car Parking Radar...
Make Us Your Homepage | Add to Favorites | Accept Mixed Orders of Bulk Car Parking Radar System, Personalized Logo Imprinted.

Wholesale 7 Inch Rearview LCD Monitor With Camera And Radar...

3rd Eye Protection Reverse Safe V Wireless Display Parking...
Reverse Safe V Wireless Display Parking Radar System RS105016 REVERSE SAFE V is Wireless Parking Radar System.

Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with Cross-Traffic Alert
feature that helps detect vehicles in blind spots during normal driving and traffic approaching from the sides when reversing out of parking spots.

Scanning Laser Radar-Based Target Position Designation for...
Scanning Laser Radar-Based Target Position Designation for Parking Aid System

Sonar and radar SAR processing for parking lot detection
Sonar and radar SAR processing for parking lot detection

Radar Detector product - Car Radar Detector...
Radar Detector Radar Detector Specification: Type: Parking Sensor ; Voltage: DC 12V ; Power: Output1: DC5V 1.5A (for PND use) ; Car Make: All kinds
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