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  • Development of a Dust Particle Analyzer for In-situ and Simultaneous Measurements of Size and Charge Distributions of Martian Dust (.pdf)
    in the range 0 to ± saturation charge. The measurements are made on individual particle basis at a rate in excess of 100 particles per second. Microsoft Word - NSTC 2.doc Development of a Dust Particle Analyzer for In-. situ and Simultaneous Measurements of Size and. Charge Distributions
  • Colloidal Stability in Aqueous Suspensions (.pdf)
    Abstract Zeta potential in aqueous suspensions is a function of two variables: charge at the shear plane and free salt ion concentration. [Free here means not attached to the particle surface.] If a dispersant that is added to increase the surface charge density (increase stability) is too
  • Fuel Cell Technology Primer (.pdf)
    This application note will describe the various fuel cell technologies and highlight the role that Thermo analyzers can play in their development. ./80374a87-4839-4361-bd5d-76efbd75057a Fuel Cell Technology Primer. Introduction. Fuel cell research has recently become a high-profile endeavor
  • Interphex Booth Previews
    SmartPlant-PC is the latest API synthesis plant from The modular systems are designed to allow customers to safely, dispense, charge, sample, filter and dry potent compounds. Coriolis Meter Handles Entrained Gas "The CFT50 digital Coriolis mass flowmeter from provides an accurate measurement
  • Medical Device Link .
    (CIEEL) mechanism. Charge transfer from the phenolate to the dioxetane ring promotes cleavage of the cyclic peroxide, releasing about 100 kcal to chemically excite one of the resulting carbonyl fragments to a singlet electronic state. This excited species emits light at 477 nm as it reverts
  • Medical Device Link .
    ). This charge layer, called the zeta potential, provides the means for the gold particles to repel one another and to stay in suspension indefinitely. The zeta potential can be compressed or expanded depending on the total ionic concentration of the surrounding solution. Figure 3. Colloidal gold particle
  • Continuous Environmental Monitoring of Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl Benzene, and Xylenes (BTEX) (.pdf)
    and analysis. confidence level, of not less than. times can be 15 minutes or more,. plus or minus 25 percent for. so a large number of analyzers need. concentrations of benzene greater than. to be deployed in order to provide. or equal to 0.5 ppm. The traditional. an effective area monitoring
  • Instrumentation in Produced Water Applications
    and worked in. more and more prominent in these applications. Achieving the required levels of. Product Management for the Micro Motion. control and monitoring requires instrumentation and analyzers to measure. Coriolis group; FMC Corporation, where he was. composition, flow, level, pressure

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