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  • Is Your Cooling Tower Water Filter Missing 85% of Suspended Solids?
    An effective cooling tower water filtration system removes suspended particles to reduce turbidity and prevent scaling and corrosion in your equipment. But not all filters are created equal. Most filters capture only the largest solids, making the cooling water appear clear but actually leaving
  • Biodiesel filtration with MaxFlo case study Filter Press
    . There was initial particle bleeding through in the filtrate. Circulation of filtrate was conducted to help initial cake layer formation inside the filter. press to prevent further particle bleed through. After 5 minutes circulation, the filtrate. became clear visually. A filtrate sample was sent
  • White Paper: Remove Water and Particulate Contaminants from Oil Efficiently and Cost-Effectively to Prolong Equipment Life
    A majority of the failures and wear problems that lubricated machines experience are caused by oil contamination from particulates and water. In order to keep oil clean and dry, use advanced filter-dehydrator technology-which enables effective oil conditioning with a simple, low maintenance
  • Sludge-blanket Clarifers
    . The upward velocity or the water decreases at it nears the top. At some point the upward velocity of the water balances the downward velocity of the solid particle and the particle becomes suspended. The heavier particles are suspended closer to the bottom while the lighter ones are suspended
  • MICRO:Top 30 (November/December 2001)
    images of each particle as well as a scattergram of shape index versus particle size. Samples pass through a sheath flow cell, which transforms the particle suspension into a narrow or flat flow, ensuring the largest area is oriented toward the camera and that all particles are in focus. A CCD
  • Treating wastewater from CMP using ultrafiltration
    quantities of ultrapure water must be used for rinsing these particles off the polished wafers. The resulting wastewater stream then also contains large quantities of particles and may need to be treated in order to maintain an acceptable level of total suspended solids (TSS) in the facility's
  • Improving Energy Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations Part II: HVAC, Boilers and Cogeneration
    air filtration technologies that trap particles in the ultra-fine range (0.001-0.1 microns), a range for which current filter technologies are not effective, might reduce the energy necessary for reheating/re-cooling cleanroom air [8]. In many instances, water cooling requirements can be met
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    contains: a polymer mix/dispense system, coagulant addition system, product feed pump, solids discharge system, water testing instruments to gage water cleanliness, and an effluent return system with a pump to return the liquid to the source. Cartridge Filters Maximize Efficiency for High Protein

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