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  • Safety Guide for Selecting and Using Hose, Fittings, and Related Accesories (.pdf)
    conductive. Use of other Hoses in CNG applications or failure to properly connect or. ground this Hose can cause a fire or an explosion resulting in death, personal injury, and property damage. Care must also be taken to protect against CNG permeation through the Hose wall. See. section 2.6
  • ARMEX (R) Cleaning and Coating Removal Systems and the Fire-Tube Boiler: a Tale of American Ingenuity
    . Greg had an opportunity to use his creativity when he was called in by the Greece, NY, school district to clean six fire-tube boilers. The district was converting from oil to natural gas and wanted the boilers to be as clean as possible before the conversion. School district personnel usually
  • IHP Circle of Safety Industrial Hose Selector
    Hose Selector - Industrial Hose Products Division. site map | search. Home | News | Events | Circle of Safety | Products | Technical Resources | How to Order/Where to Buy | Literature. Acid & Chemical. Air & Multipurpose. Couplings. Equipment. Fire
  • How safety forces hose the public
    , the police would have the damaged vehicles moved to the shoulder so that all four lanes would remain open to traffic. Then, a fire-department ambulance began showing up with the police car regardless of whether or not anyone was injured. (As an aside, I'll mention that the police also began to leave
  • Firefighting Humanoid Robot
    , PhD candidate and project manager, "The SAFFiR will be able to carry and operate fire extinguishers, fire hoses, throw PEAT (Propelled Extinguishing Agent Technology) canisters, as well as interact with humans and find fires. " Derek said, "We 've already built the legs of the robot and are working
  • ARMEX Removes Soot and Smoke Damage from Limestone, Brick, and Wood
    St. Andrew's Baptist Church in Wichita, Kansas suffered an extensive fire in the kitchen. The structural fire damage was confined to the kitchen; however, the soot and water damage affected about 75% of the structure. The local contractor hired to do the restoration was faced with removing soot
  • NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Resolves a Dark "x " Across the Nucleus of M51
    in M51 disk. The jet inflates a bubble of hot gas on either side of the black hole. This is analogous to a fire hose directed against a large pile of sand. The fire hose inflates a cavity of water and sand which expands and advances into the sandpile. The resulting optical and radio emission from
  • Static Electricity - The Hidden Danger in Hazardous Areas (.pdf)
    National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and guidelines highlight safe working practices in hazardous areas; specifically how to control static electricity, which in many cases is capable of providing the ignition source for a fire or explosion. The article discusses typical industrial