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  • Passive Sensing of Driver Intoxication (.pdf)
    A sensor that passively monitors the driver for intoxication has been demonstrated. The driver's blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is obtained by sensing alcohol and CO2 in air drawn from the vehicle cabin. With a legally drunk driver, the steady state alcohol concentration can be as low as 0.3 ppm
  • Inexpensive Scalar Measurement of a Band Pass Filter or Other Passive Device or Component (.pdf)
    ) of a typical Band Pass Filter measured using this test setup. This test setup may be. used to measure other passive devices such a Band Reject, High Pass, Low Pass and Stop Band Filters as well as fixed. attenuators, pads, step attenuators, insertion loss of cable assemblies, etc. July 2009. . 1288
  • Low Frequency Magnetic Transmitter Design
    Low frequency magnetic communications (LFMC) is a viable ?wireless? communications alternative to traditional radio frequency (RF) or Infrared communications. It is well suited for certain applications when considering some of the characteristics of the topology. Some of the main advantages
  • Low Cost ASD Motor Protection
    reliability, increase motor life, and solve long lead over voltage problems. This paper demonstrates the benefits and applications of a number of different types of motor protection filters, including sine wave and single element low-pass filters. Output voltage waveforms are presented along
  • Anti-Aliasing, Analog Filters for Data Acquisition Systems
    filtering is more suitable for higher. lowed by operational amplifier filter circuits. Examples. speed systems, i.e., above approximately 5kHz. In. of active and passive low pass filters will also be dis-. these types of systems, an analog filter can reduce. cussed. Finally, a 12-bit circuit design
  • Microwaves To Reveal Ocean Weather, Locate Land Mines
    they constructed for passive microwave sensors -- one for weather satellites, and one for hand-held land mine detectors. "We can't predict global warming without global data, " he said. The same technology could detect today's plastic mines, which are invisible to metal detectors. Since all objects
  • Multilayer Varistor Filters
    of V peak. 0.5 uS. -100.00%. Fig 3. Time. The wave form of Figure 3 is generally accepted to be. representative of surge voltages in low voltage AC systems. This is known as a "0.5 µS - 100 kHz Ringwave " - the wave. 3. Low Pass Filters will attenuate the high frequency components. An electrical
  • Intermodulation Distortion in Programmable Attenuators
    In recent years, however, wireless communication systems. employing complex digital modulation schemes, increased channel. capacity, high transmit power and extremely low receiver. sensitivity have put into question the linearity of passive components. Even very low level multi-tone intermodulation

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