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  • Stainless Perforated Sheet Holes - Standard and Non Standard
    Perforated plates are an extremely versatile product which is able to control the passage of air, gases, liquids, light and sound. They have an enormous number of perforating patterns possible with round holes, squares, slots and other special perforations. Each pattern may benefit many
  • Damascus Steels From Powder Metal
    sheets show Odin's eye, Rose, Devil's eye, and Sparse Twist patterns. Russian knife maker Basko used a coining technique to develop the striking Rosepatterned blade. The coining penetrated many layers close to the bar surface at the top of the edge phase. The pattern gradually diminishes down
  • Online calculators help design sheet-metal transitions and cones
    -to-round transition part in the CAD system shows the flat (unfolded) pattern with the number of segments, or folds, and the 3D wire-frame model. Each is on a separate layer. A DXF file of a cone transition in a CAD viewer shows the flat pattern, and the
  • Friction Cups, or Suction Cups with Gripping Patterns, Can Handle Higher Speeds, Quicker Stops, and Oily Parts
    and fast assembly lines crucial. And plants that can't keep up will quickly disappear. Metal fabrication often involves station-to-station handling of slippery, oily metal sheets or blanks. Suction cups are the most common tools used to handle and move such sheets. But as production speeds
    black background. The look comes from alternating sheets of high and low-carbon steels which are repeat-edly drawn, folded, and forge welded together. Forge welding is a blacksmithing operation used to join steel or iron. Two or more clean metal pieces brought nearly to their melting point fuse
  • Metrigraphics Article in Today's Medical Developments
    photolithography to create a mask and replicate that pattern on a sheet of material that already has metal deposited on it through a variety of techniques," Sablich explains. "Then, a variety of acids are used to etch away the metal that they don't want - leaving them with the metal they do want. Etching yields
  • Low-cost CAD delivers high-priced features
    In previous versions, Alibre Design was a capable but still emerging CAD program. The recently released Version 6 at $695 appears more complete thanks to improvements in sketching, modeling, and drafting, and the addition of a sheet-metal design function. Sheet-metal designs begin with a sketch
  • Feature Article - Wohlers Report 2000 Executive Summary - 12/00
    Rapid prototyping (RP) systems quickly produce models and prototype parts from 3-D computer-aided design (CAD) model data, CT and MRI scan data, and data created from 3-D data collection systems. Using an additive approach to building shapes, RP systems join liquid, powder or sheet materials

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