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  • White Paper: Looking ahead to metals in 2015
    Industry of North America. Turack projects that sheet shipments will rise 20%, plate will increase 30% and bar, rod and wire. products will rise 8% this year. “But, remember, these growth patterns will come off a historical low. in 2009,” he says. Still, he believes there may be expanded purchasing
  • Damascus Steels From Powder Metal
    sheets show Odin's eye, Rose, Devil's eye, and Sparse Twist patterns. Russian knife maker Basko used a coining technique to develop the striking Rosepatterned blade. The coining penetrated many layers close to the bar surface at the top of the edge phase. The pattern gradually diminishes down
  • Online calculators help design sheet-metal transitions and cones
    -to-round transition part in the CAD system shows the flat (unfolded) pattern with the number of segments, or folds, and the 3D wire-frame model. Each is on a separate layer. A DXF file of a cone transition in a CAD viewer shows the flat pattern, and the
  • Friction Cups, or Suction Cups with Gripping Patterns, Can Handle Higher Speeds, Quicker Stops, and Oily Parts
    and fast assembly lines crucial. And plants that can't keep up will quickly disappear. Metal fabrication often involves station-to-station handling of slippery, oily metal sheets or blanks. Suction cups are the most common tools used to handle and move such sheets. But as production speeds
  • Support Plate & Molds
    Handling Procedure: Transferring a wax pattern bra back and forth from a cart to the mold machine. Pattern has a dipping fixture plate (bra) across the bottom as a grip point. Pattern has an average envelope of 12-18" tall x 30" long x 10" wide weighing 45-170 lbs. each. Future patterns may be 22
  • Medical Device Link .
    as some of the desirable properties and unique processing characteristics of many of today 's most appealing materials. It also covers some of the most common value-added operations performed on photoetched parts. Light-gauge metals are typically photoetched either as sheets of material or in a reel
  • Fiber Laser Welding of 100µm Thick Stainless Steel
    Since the start of the laser industry high power CO2 lasers have been used for welding sheet steel and a great deal of information is available on this subject. However, welding very thin steel sheets is a very challenging application as a much greater degree of control is required to avoid over
  • Table II
    , sliders, and cutters. Also good for low volumes of smaller, more-precise metal parts than possible with micro- Stents, catheter orifices, laser surgical tools, assembly of numerous medical devices. Parts that can be made from thin sheets of polymers Microinfusion pumps, microvalves, microneedles

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