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  • Implementing a Test Strategy for an Advanced Video Acquisition and Processing Architecture
    This test is performed in a normal PC (using an PC104 + to PCI adapter ) or in the embedded PC104+ system (using Windows mode).
  • In-Vehicle Networking
    Tools are available as hardware interfaces / adapters to plug in to PCs with different form factors like RS232, USB, Parallel port, Ethernet, PCI , PC104 and ISA.
  • A portable, self-contained, 5MSa/s data acquisition system for broadband, high frequency acoustic beamforming
    PC104 + Platform to drive a high-performanceCOTS DAQ card using a PCI adapter and in developing a stripped- down embedded Windows NT OS. It permits four analog input channels to be sampled simultaneously at up to 5MSa/s total sampling rate.
  • Card
    The ines GPIB- PC104 -XL interface card uses the enhanced features of the ines iGPIB chip, resulting … P111 - PCI - to -CardBus/PCMCIA/PC-Card Adapter , 1-slot .
  • Process‐oriented device driver development
    … future, all we need do is to ensure backwards compatibility—easily done with concurrent ‘ adapter ’ processes. The hardware platform for which we are developing currently is a PC104 + embedded PC—a standardized way of building embedded PC systems, with stack- able PCI and Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) bus interconnects [19]. Additionally, USB is being increasingly used for device connectivity within embedded PC104 systems, due to its versatility.
  • Cellular non‐linear networks for microcirculation applications
    The new system was compared to CPU-based image processing algorithms. In this configuration, the ACE BOX follows the PC104 + standard. A PC104+ machine consists of the commonly used hardware components, such as PCI motherboard with Pentium class CPU, display adapter , network module, frame grabber, etc.
    Industry Standard Architecture) and PCI (Peripheral Component Interface). The Prometheus PC includes a full interface board with support for up to 4 RS- Ethernet adapter on the Prometheus I/O board, a fully compatible Winsystems PCM- NE2000 IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Controller PC104 Module is placed at the bottom of the .
  • Improving freight rail safety with on-board monitoring and control systems
    OBMCS MOVES FROM PCI04 TO CAN The OBMCS was originally built with a Diamond Systems PCI 04 DMM32 Analog to Digital converter board. This design was simple and the PC104 was easy to deploy quickly. Concurrent sampling of the vertical accelerometer attached to the 4 bearing adapters of each truck at 50 …
  • The versatile acquisition system of Giano
    The warm electronics is composed by four boards hosting the clock generation circuitry, the analogous to digital converter, a small memory buffer and a serial adapter to the LVDS bus connecting to the data buffer board. In the prototype this bus is the PC104 industrial bus, while in the telescope version the bus will be an industrial version of the PCI standard bus.
  • PC/104 / Interfaces
    The card also contains, a microprocessor and Dual Port memory for ease of interfacing to the PC/... PC104 /T2/R2 - ARINC 429 Interface card Hardware interfaces include PCI , low-profile PCI, PCMCIA, and PC/104. … protocols like HDLC/SDLC are easily supported by Sealevel Systems line of synchronous communication adapters using our SeaMAC …
  • Team Solutions, Inc.
    The ines GPIB- PC104 -XL interface card uses the enhanced features of the ines iGPIB chip, resulting … TE5300 - 125 MS/s PCI Arbitrary Waveform Generator The single-channel AWG generates waveforms up to 2MS in length. P111 - PCI-to-CardBus/PCMCIA/PC-Card Adapter , 1-slot .
  • wireless rs 232 - offers from wireless rs 232 manufacturers, suppliers, exporters & wholesalers
    [ Related Keywords : adapter, date recevier, RS485 gateway, wireless adapter ] 232\RS485) Communication Distance: > 5000m@LoRa Antenna Impedance: 50o Operation Temperature: -20 to +70 Power Supply ... RS232 Parallel Port N/A PS/2 N/A GPIO N/A IR N/A Expansion PCIeX16 N/A PCIeX4 N/A PCIeX1 N/A PC104 N/A PCI ...
  • Journal of Aerospace Information Systems > Ad Hoc Wireless Networking and Shared Computation for Autonomous Multirobot Systems
    Embedded Designs Plus IEEE1394 Card with 16 Bit PC104 Compact wireless-G USB adapter 2.4 Ghz 802.11 g, RJ-45 to wireless Solenoid valves … running the propriety software program receives these raw data through a standard wireless PCI adapter, processes the …
    1.5-480Mb/s, Serial PCI bus PC104 + , computer cards … ofits hardware-level support by operating systems, the interface is, in most cases, seamless to the programmer. Additionally, COTS serial adapters allow any device capable of generating asynchronous serial output (e.g. RS232 or …
  • Wireless communications between system under test and portable maintenance aids
    PC104 Memory Card Adapter 5. reliability, candidate vendors were evaluated via the World Wide Web prior to component purchase. … are 8 or 16-bitcan be stacked along with 32-bit PC/104-P/us ( PCI ) modules provided similar …