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  • Selecting Proper Audio Components for Medical Electronics
    Another variable that influences sound output is how a buzzer or transducer is assembled onto a PC board .
  • Rain Electronic Circuits
    Rain Detector (Aaron Cake) -  This circuit uses a sensor made of a small piece of etched PC board and a simple SCR circuit to detect rain and sound a buzzer .
  • Compliance control of wearable robotic fingers for rehabilitation applications
    The developed hand rehabilitation system is composed of several functional blocks: linear motor, motor control board , motion controller, force sensors, buzzer and a personal computer ( PC ).
  • Automatic fall detection sensor for treadmill rehabilitation
    This will cause the program on Arduino board to make the buzzer alarm and the specific code is sent to the PC through C# program to stop the treadmill immediately.
  • Stanford interactive workspaces: a framework for physical and graphical user interface prototyping
    The receiver board sends its data to a PC using eithertheparallelorUSBport,andalistenerprogramrunningonthePCthenposts anappropriatetuple(basedontheIDreceived)totheiRoom’sEventHeap.Receiv- ingdevices( buzzers ,LEDs)workintheoppositemanner:alistenerprogramreceives an event intended for the iStuff and sends the target device ID through either the parallel or USB port to an …
  • Federal Register > Wednesday, February 24, 1999 > [64 FR 9126] Foreign-Trade Zone 26-Atlanta, GA: Request for Manufacturing Authority; Matsushita Communication...
    Components sourced from abroad (representing up to 75% of total unit material value) include: self-adhesive plastic plates/foil/film, labels, copper and steel fasteners, steel springs, cable, batteries, buzzers , electronic parts (transformers, inductors … … displays, microphones, integrated circuits, PC boards and assemblies, electrical switches …
    This board includes Atmel’s ATmega8 Microcontroller with 8kb flash memory working at 16MIPS, LCD interface, Motor Driver for connecting DC motors or Stepper motors, servo interface, regulated power supply, PC interface through UART, Buzzer .
  • Application boards emulation engine
    When the board signals the PC back that the program has been successfully downloaded, the user can trigger the execution of the loaded program and can check at any time the status of all registers and specific memory address content, trace, pause … … the application board and handled directly, these trigger most external multimedia devices (KeypadDisplay, Buzzers , etc.. .) o Some …
  • The Wireless Sensor Network for Home-Care System Using ZigBee
    The buzzer of the alarm system attached to the controller board will send the warning, when the measured data is over the standard value. … the measured data and minors for a long period of time by the PC via RS-232 …
  • Low-cost development package for NXP (Philips) LPC range of ARM processors
    Software examples for the evaluation board , all in source code, include initialisation and start-up code, external interrupt test, testing of buzzers , 8-segment LED displays and keyboards, a UART drive example, control of a 595 chip via SPI, and ADC/DAC/PWM operations. The UnetICE ARM JTAG interface connects the target board to a PC via Ethernet or USB connections …
  • WNSamples (\
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    PIC-based sensor board offering five standard sensors: light, pressure, acceleration, microphone, and actuators including LEDs and a buzzer . It has further connectors for adding own sensors and for interfacing via RS232 to a standard PC .