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Parts by Number for PC Board Relay Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
PC6702 PLC Radwell Metrabyte Controls & Indicators, Temperature & Process Control BOARD RELAY OUTPUT 32CHANNEL
PC6302 PLC Radwell Metrabyte Controls & Indicators, Temperature & Process Control BOARD RELAY 8CHANNEL
PC30811 PLC Radwell Adgo Not Provided RELAY BOARD
PC10 PLC Radwell Clark Reliance Not Provided RELAY BOARD
PC1032 PLC Radwell Web Techniques Not Provided RELAY BOARD
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Conduct Research Top

  • Application: Function PCB Testers Use Reed Relays
    c. n t. c iton. o a. n l. a. PC. P B. C s. B. RE. R ED RE. R LA. L YS. Y RE. R ED. D SE. S NS. N OR. O S. R RE. R ED. D S. WI. W T. I CH. C E. H S. Spe. p c. e ifi. f cat. a i. t on. o s. n. MEDER offers both standard through hole and surface mount in very small. packages. All relays come
  • EPIC + PCI Express = EPIC Express. The Next Generation Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing.
    is. How EPIC Express Modules. order. Boards not supporting PCI. always wired to Link E on the bot-. Stack Up. Express simply pass the signals up. tom side connector of its pc board. the stack from one connector to. The top connector will have Link E. The spacing between modules in an. another. wired from
  • Increasing Bandwidth and Connectivity in Small Form Factor, High-Performance Embedded Applications:The I/O-Centric, High-Speed SUMIT Interconnect Standard (.pdf)
    such as. next-generation, low-power, high-. The Stackable Unified Module. Embedded Platform for Industrial. performance, small board-based. Interconnect Technology (SUMIT). Computing (EPIC), at 4.5 x 6.5” (115 x. systems, it makes more sense to. from the Small Form Factor Special. 165 mm), or PC
  • Recent Improvements in Process GC Instrumentation (.pdf)
    . Network Cap. No. Yes. USB Peripherals. No. floppy, USB Disk…. 12/4/2008. PID Analyzers, LLC. Model 301-B. mouse. USB Port. 12/4/2008. PID Analyzers, LLC. PID 10.2 eV. On-screen keyboard. 12/4/2008. PID Analyzers, LLC. Method. Rear View of Model 301-B. PC. Relays. Fluidics I/O. 12/4/2008. PID
  • Stopping the Flow of Counterfeit Components
    parts salvaged from scrapped PC boards; or defective products discarded by reputable manufacturers and distributors. Lessons from the fastener industry In the 1980s, defective fasteners on Army tanks, Navy ships, and interstate highway bridges caught the attention of Congress. A study of the U.S.
  • Medical Device Link .
    test system is created in one of two ways. It can be built around a PC using a plug-in data acquisition board (DAQ), serial port instruments, or general-purpose interface bus (GPIB). Alternatively, it may be built around a chassis with an embedded computer and various plug-in modules such as switches
  • Upgraded Barrier Controls Protect Against Terrorists
    browser software can display. preconfigured screens containing diagnostic information. Any PC with an Ethernet port and a web browser can display. screens from the PLC. “We just connect the PLC to the computer with a standard. control cabinet requires more electrical components than the. Ethernet cable
  • Selecting Telecommunication Test Equipment to Maximize Throughput and Accuracy
    . and the switching system connected to a PC on the IEEE-488 bus. The test. setup may also involve the use of a device handler with a fixture that holds the. DUTs. A device handler can consume up to 100 ms during unloading and loading. of a DUT. As discussed earlier, the switching system can consume several

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