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  • Using the MCP2515 CAN Developer's Kit
    The PC performs the microcontroller functions and interfaces to the MCP2515 via Serial Peripheral Interface ( SPI �) through the parallel port .
  • Implementing a Bootloader for the PIC16F87X
    A few examples are from a PC over a serial port , from a serial EEPROM over an I2C or SPI � bus or from another microcontroller through the parallel slave port.
  • Blackfin Processors Expand Analog Devices Convergent-processor Portfolio
    Each processor includes two dual-channel synchronous serial communication ports (SPORTs), a high-speed parallel peripheral interface (PPI), an I2C compatible two-wire interface (TWI), dual PC -compatible UARTs, and 2 SPI -compatible serial peripheral interface ports .
  • Mikrocontroller
    All Mikrocontroller can be programmed per SPI interface and over an ISP (AVR ISP, In- system Programmer), and the connection to the serial is about a simple programming adapter parallel or USB interface of a PC possibly.
  • Transactions on Computational Science X
    Therefore, we support a variety of corresponding protocols, either by the controlling PC if the timing is not crucial (e.g., USB, RS-232, or parallel port ) or by means of the � � e.g., Serial Peripheral Interface ( SPI ) and general purpose I/O �
    � MB SRAM � 4 MB Flash � 2 Serial Ports � LCD controller � 4-wire resistive touch screen controller � SPI Port with 3 (4 if � � Optimizing Linker/Application Builder � PC -based debugger; interfaces to � � 100EVB through the PC parallel port .
  • Realization of control algorithms for active power filter by means of DSP TMS320F2812
    � x galvanic isolated inputs for external interrupts XINT 1 and XINT2, 4-canals D/A serial converter (connected with SPI module), connected into the SPI module pins, 6 x � � outputs, 2 serial communication port SCIA and SCIB, parallel port for communication with PC .
  • The Essential PIC18� Microcontroller
    � 390, 400 multiple-precision addition, 116 multiple-precision signed subtraction, 146 multiple-precision subtraction, 118 multiply array, 154 parallel port handshake, 341 parity, 199 � � sine look-up, 546 SPI Read function, 387 SPI � � USART, 435 Program Counter ( PC ), 47, 54, 74, 76 �
    � record length on all channels 50,000 waveforms/second display rate I2C, SPI , USB 2.0, CAN � � printer Built-in Ethernet port USB 2.0 device port for direct PC control of the oscilloscope � � 60.6 ps resolution Parallel bus triggering and analysis �
  • to -10.pdf
    � on all channels 5,000 waveforms/second waveform capture rate I2C, SPI , CAN, LIN, RS-232 � � events USB flash drive port for quick and easy � � Device port for direct PC control of the oscilloscope � � offer: 16 digital channels Parallel bus triggering and analysis �
  • The Quintessential PIC� Microcontroller
    � Division, 138 � Double-precision decrementation, 135 � Foreground, 184 � Hardware interrupt handling, 189 � I2C MSSP data acquisition, 368 � Keypad, 308, 320 � MAX549A SPI DAC, 338 � Multiple � � of arrays, 513 � Parallel port handshake, 294 � Peak � � � Squaring, 228, 489 � Stepper motor, 319 � USART, 381 Program Counter ( PC ), 49, 57, 74 �
  • Mechatronics and Intelligent Materials II
    With Ports PA, PC , PD, PE connecting to the rows of the matrix by pull-down resistors, and port PG connecting to the column of the matrix by Darlington transistors. The SPI interface connects to the serial to parallel convertion chip of the expended I/O A buzzer and four manual buttons are for the alarm.
  • World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering May 26-31, 2012, Beijing, China
    With the WT-APP PC operating system software and special USB download, free to set the system � WT588D module supports the MP3 control mode, control mode, parallel mode, a serial port mode, and three line SPI modes.
    � supports both the 32-bit CardBus [63] and the original 16-bit PCMCIA PC Card [3] interface. It additionally supports a variety of common narrow datapath (hereinafter, narrowpath) interfaces, including simple bit- toggling (shown in Figure 4 as simply numbers), Serial Peripheral Interface ( SPI ), Microwire, RS-232, 8-bit parallel , and Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP).
  • Issues and challenges of embedded processor education for working professionals
    The personal computer ( PC ) is used merely to provide user-friendly keyboard entry and full-screen display � As part of the requirements of the mini project, the student is required to implement a set of functions based on the peripherals available on the DS5000 board (namely parallel port , SPI , serial interface, timer, power management features).