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Parts by Number for PCB Express Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
1871058-3 Powell Electronics, Inc. TE Connectivity Not Provided Family Name = PCI Express; PCB Mount Angle = Vertical; 49 Dual Positions; Number of Positions = 98; Housing Color = Black;
10018783-11011TLF Digi-Key FCI Connectors, Interconnects CONN PCI EXPRESS 64POS VERT PCB
10018783-11210TLF Digi-Key FCI Connectors, Interconnects CONN PCI EXPRESS 36POS VERT PCB
10018784-10212TLF Digi-Key FCI Connectors, Interconnects CONN PCI EXPRESS 98POS VERT PCB
NWE18DHHN-T911 Digi-Key Sullins Connector Solutions Connectors, Interconnects CONN PCI EXPRESS 36POS VERT PCB
NWE32DHHN-T921 Digi-Key Sullins Connector Solutions Connectors, Interconnects CONN PCI EXPRESS 64POS VERT PCB
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  • COM Express for Harsh Environments (.pdf)
    module for extended temperature. resistors, capacitors, the PCB, diodes or processors, all have. levels, careful component selection is a must. For example, the. a characteristic MTBF that affects the overall MTBF number. quality of capacitors impacts the achievable temperature levels,. Connectors
  • PCI Express Clock Generator Considerations
    tuned to the PCB. environment, reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI). Mismatch in the edge rate and skew will create. common mode energy that radiates EMI as well as an unstable cross point that causes data loss. Clock. outputs commonly drive multiple buses with the outputs. Therefore, any
  • Part Design Guidelines for Pulse Heated Reflow Soldering (.pdf)
    Rights Reserved. 2. The material contained herein cannot be reproduced or used in any other way. without the express written permission of Unitek Miyachi Corporation. PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS (PCB) AND OTHER SUBSTRATES-. GENERAL PART DESIGN GUIDELINES. Most PCB materials such as FR2 and FR4 are very
  • PCIe? USB? Sorting Out Two COM / SFF Design Decisions
    to five times the parts cost for the bus interface alone --completely excluding your circuitry! When you factor in the increased PCB, assembly, and test costs, PCIe is truly an expensive proposition compared to USB. Even if you use a COTS PCIe-to-local bus bridge chip instead of FPGAs (greatly
  • The Future of PCIe in the Industrial Sector
    of PCIe not only reduces manufacturing costs, but significantly reduces the number of traces that are required on the PCB as well, thus simplifying the routing of traces. Additionally, this architecture reduces electrical issues that limit the signaling rate of PCI and PCI-X. The advantages of PCI
  • Ethernet Inoperability in AdvancedTCA, AdvancedMC and MicroTCA (.pdf)
    in this. white paper. PCI-Express, SPI, etc. Medium Access Control (MAC). Host. MII, GMII, SGMII, XGMII, etc. PCI-Express, SPI, etc. Physical Layer Dependent. Sublayers (PHY). Medium Access Control (MAC). GMII, RGMII, SGMII. Twisted Pair, Fiber,. PCB Traces. Communication Medium. Physical Coding
  • Computer Power User Article - AMD Athlon 64 3800+ & Tul AX480A-GF
    there, ringing in at $92 before shipping. Tul s subdued color scheme consists of a red PCB with beige and black PCI and PCI-E slots. The memory slots are black and blue. The two IDE ports are blue and white, while the floppy port is black. The four SATA ports, heatsink mounting frame, and onboard
  • Medical Device Link .
    outsourcing more and more of their manufacturing, they want to be able to objectively measure the quality levels they are receiving from their printed circuit board (PCB) assembly suppliers," said Brian Coll during the Apex 2000 meeting in Long Beach, CA. "At in-circuit or functional test, the first-pass