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  • Spring Pin Socket User Manual
    recommend. reflowing IC solder balls every 10 cycles and HASL PCB every 30 cycles. Gold plated PCBs will not. need any reflows. 3. SSI.doc, Rev. A, IP. Rev. B/C/D, RP. Rev. E, VP. Tel: (800) 404-0204 • (952) 229-8200. Fax: (952) 229-8201. 11351 Rupp Dr. Suite 400, Burnsville, MN 55337
  • How to Design Press-fit Pins for Plated Thru-Holes
    , it is important for a gap to remain and permit solder to fill the hole and "wick" through the board without voids or flux entrapment. When specifying plated-thru-holes that will receive multi-faceted press-fit pins, the PCB fabricator should be given the actual drill size (prior to plating thru) to use as well
  • PTFE And Hybrid Multilayer Bonding And Fabrication
    to prevent drill wrap or birdnesting of the PTFE material (see drilling equipment manufacturer for recommended vacuum levels). Hole Preparation for Plating. It is necessary to desmear the through holes of hybrid multilayer PCB´s manufactured with FR-4 prepegs to ensure good mechanical and electrical
  • Medical Device Link .
    repeatable performance for up to 10,000 cycles. The contacts within the switches are rated for 0.4 VA at 20 V dc with an initial contact resistance of less than 50 mW. The contacts are phosphor bronze with gold over nickel plating, and offer actuation force ranges from 70 to 500 g. A line of miniature
  • Medical Device Link .
    are available with two different PCB layouts. Both come standard with board locks and 4-40 riveted threaded inserts, and one has additional plastic pegs. Both types are reflow compatible and available in black or white thermoplastic. The contact material is copper alloy with 30- um gold plating
  • Press-Fit Technology Supplier Best-Practices
    processes. As discussed in previous Tech Bulletins, Press-Fit technology offers an excellent alternative for. creating reliable electro-mechanical interconnects without using solder. Press-Fit interconnects are. used in demanding applications such as PCB-to-PCB stacking interconnects, fuse holders
  • Medical Device Link .
    surface protection, a chemical film coating, and electroless nickel-immersion gold plating. Subsequent x-ray inspection revealed that some of the ball contacts had formed voids within the sphere. These voids typically occurred in the solder joints just above the blind-via hole. It was observed, however
  • Adapting Press-Fit Connection Technology for Electronic Modules in Harsh Environments
    Through Holes (PTH)- Single & Multilayer. • PCB Platings: Tin, Silver, Gold, OSP. • PCB Construction FR-4 1.57mm thick & up. •Terminal Plating: 1 Micron-Tin plating in Press-Fit Zone. HiTEN 2009 - Oxford. HE interconnections. Primary Drivers for Materials & Options: Temperature  Conductivity  Bend