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  • Microhole machining of silicon wafer in air and under deionized water by pulsed UV laser system
    Commercially available laser- drilling tools are currently use two laser types, that is, far-infrared CO2 lasers with a wave- length of 10.6 µm and solid-state UV lasers with a wave- length of 355 nm. In recent years, the trend toward smaller, lighter, and high-quality products photoelectronic industries such as electronic packaging via drilling, high-density in- terconnector print circuit board (HDI PCB ), and PV pro- ductions has increased considerably.
  • Excimer laser patterning of thick and thin films for high-density packaging
    PCB drilling tools using high speed scan optics and high repetition rate pulsed Nd:YAG lasers for vector processing and drilling of vias are also well developed E2q. … laminate metal layers may be appropriate for prototyping PCB circuitry but is too slow for mass production .
  • The effect of ambient conditions on thin wafers processed with fs-laser machining
    Micromachining based on laser has become important tools in the fields of mass production for modern-devices including multi-layered microelectronics, LED, solar voltaic cells, displays, multilayered PCB board and so on [1-5]. While conventional mechanical processes like diamond sawing, drilling , or scribing have come to their limitations in the …
  • Lasers give the cutting edge | Archive | The Engineer
    The technique, which Exitech is selling to the PCB industry, combines the capabilities of a Yag laser and a carbon dioxide laser (see box) to produce a high-speed, accurate and economical tool . 'We use the Yag to drill the top layer of copper while the CO2 drills the dielectric …
  • Excimer laser micromachining of glass substrates
    Laser material processing is one of several tools commercially used for PCB manufacture which can produce accurate features below 150 µm. … e.g. FR4), CO2 and Nd:YAG lasers are commonly used for the drilling of microvias as …
  • Industrial Materials - Applications, Products, and Technologies
    … H.H. Yi, X.L. Tang, F.R. Li, Y.D. Li and K. Li Rectifying Process Problems in Production of Thin Sheets of … … Current Rise in Fine PCB Copper Traces on Polyimide … … Process Wear of Selected Tool Steels for Injection Molds … Janudom, J. Wannasin, P. Kapranos and S. Wisutmethangoon Solidification in Laser Cladding of a Ti-Si Graded Coating on Pure Titanium Substrate T.M … … H. Xie Prediction of Ploughing Effect Phenomena in the Cutting Zone during the Drilling of X5Cr18Ni9 Stainless Steel …
  • OSA | Industrial applications of laser micromachining
    R. S. Patel, T. F. Redmond, C. Tessler, D. Tudryn and D. Pulaski, "Via production benefits from excimer laser tools ," Laser Focus World (Jan 1996). H. Holden, "Microvia PCB 's:the next generation of substrates & packages," Future Circuits International 1 … C. Rowan, "Excimer lasers drill precise holes with higher yields," Laser Focus World (Aug 1995).
  • An automatic optical inspection of drill point defects for micro-drilling
    The machine drilling method, being more widely employed and relatively inexpensive, is better suited for drilling holes through thick multi-layer PCBs . However, the diameters of machine-drilled holes are bigger than those made using laser drilling. Hence, tool manufacturers have devoted much effort to producing micro-drills of finer diameter [3].
  • Size effects in micro drilling of carbon fiber reinforced plastic composite
    Keywords Micro drilling Á Tool edge radius Á Specific cutting force Á CFRP Á Size effect … nozzles, filters, flow measuring devices, ink jet printers, micro cannulas, printed circuit boards ( PCB ), cooling channels in … Micro-holes can be produced by laser beam drilling, ultrasonic drilling, electrochemical machining (ECM), electro discharge machining (EDM) and mechanical micro-drilling processes [1].
  • Industrial applications of pulsed lasers to materials microprocessing
    … mainframe computer manufacturers such as IBM rapidly followed suite and installed their own production lines for this … With fewer process steps than other methods, laser - drilling is regarded as the most versatile, robust, reliable and high-yield technology for creating microvias in thin film packages. (a) Nd:YAG & CO2 hybrid laser tool for microvia drilling.1OOm blind via in a PCB .