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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
AD6652BC/PCB National Microchip Analog Devices Inc Not Provided BOARD EVAL W/AD6652 & SOFTWARE
AD6650/PCB National Microchip Analog Devices Inc Not Provided BOARD EVAL FOR AD6650 W/SOFTWARE
52110-040 Digi-Key Custom Computer Services Inc (CCS) Programmers, Development Systems PCB C-COMPILER PIC10
DM163027-5 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided complete hardware, software source code and printed circuit board (PCB) layout files needed to rapidly prototype wireless products. The demonstration kit includes the ZigBee protocol stack and two PICDEM Z boards, each with an RF daughter card. The demonstration board is also equipped with a 6-pin...
MCP3551DM-PCTL Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided Starter Kit, or PICkit ™ 2 for developing demonstration/evaluation firmware. Optionally, a second installed MCP3551 can be used with and optional stimulus board (sold separately). The board is designed to evaluate the MCP3551 with minimum Printed Circuit Board (PCB) noise. The PCB layout practices...
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  • CNC Routers Adds Versatility in the PCB Manufacturing Industry
    A collection of case studies demonstrating the value of CNC tools in the PCB manufacturing industry. Articles on Techno CNC Router Systems & Machines. Home > CNC Routers and CNC Router Systems - Application Articles. Blog | Shop Online | Support | Site Map. CNC Education. Conventional shop class
  • Complete PCB Design Using OrCAD Capture and PCB Editor
    Complete PCB Design Using OrCAD Capture and PCB Editor. Showing the reader how to design a PCB using OrCAD Capture and OrCAD Editor, this book is written for students engineers who need in-depth instruction on how to use the software, and who need background knowledge of the PCB design process
  • Complete PCB Design Using OrCad Capture and Layout
    Complete PCB Design Using OrCad Capture and Layout. Providing instruction on how to use OrCAD to design and manufacture printed circuit boards, this book offers a quick tutorial on how to use the software as well as in-depth knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of the software package
  • PCB Repair Station Built on Highly Accurate Gantry Reduces Scrapped Boards
    analysis software takes into account whether there might be internal shorts so the repair person does not waste time repairing these external faults only to find that the PCB must be scraped because of a non-repairable fault. A stereo zoom microscope is included as part of the Model 5500 so that location
  • PCB in the Design Should Rake into Account Various Factors
    HC surface treatment, or with many other word processing software to achieve the graphics, and text, color, etc. and synthetic and the introduction of nested "layers" concept has been the same, Protel"s "layer" is not virtual, but rather printing plate material itself, the copper foil layer
  • Paired Wireless Sensor / Wireless Gateway Demo Note -- using 2.4GH AIR module & Texas Instruments SimpliciTI software
    to operate. The AIR module used can have. either an embedded PCB antenna, or an external whip antenna. And the demonstration can operate on. either the 915 MHz or the 2.4 GHz ISM band. Different configurations of the demonstration allow the user. to view the effects of frequency, baud rate
  • Illustration software helps design manuals
    curves and ellipses. Curves represent the threads and ellipses make up part of the head and the end of the screw. Moving a grouped PCB (the dotted square) close to a line shows the snap location it will lock to, in this case the midpoint of the line. A guide line (the straight line) is used to line up
  • Medical Device Link .
    toy or an ECG machine. PCB design software enforces these standards through a rigorous set of internal design rules. The resulting PCB design output from the application usually meets these international design standards. Consequently, both engineer and supplier are confident that there will be few

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