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Parts by Number for PCB Switch Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
PCB1218 PLC Radwell Thomson Industries Not Provided I/O OPTO MODULE - â € œI â €  INPUT TEST SWITCH
PCB1218 PLC Radwell Danaher Motion Not Provided I/O OPTO MODULE - â € œI â €  INPUT TEST SWITCH
PCB SWITCH 2 WAY National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
PCB000187_0087_REV.0 ASAP Semiconductor MERIX Not Provided PCB HP IB-SWITCH QDR MAIN-BOAR
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Conduct Research Top

  • Membrane Switch Design Guide
    world-class pricing. This domain has recently been listed in the marketplace. Please click here to inquire. find something interesting. Search: Find what you're looking for. PCB Switches. Membrane Switches. Silicon Rubber Keypad. PCB Suppliers
  • Switch Tips: Lead-free solders and electromechanical switches
    North America, the EU, and Japan are trying to eliminate lead from the printed-circuit-board (PCB) assembly process. Specifically, eliminating lead from soldering will and is having a huge impact on the manufacture of PCBs and components. The two leading candidates for a lead-free solder are tin
  • Application: Function PCB Testers Use Reed Relays
    Functional PCB testers are in some cases, up to 20 layers thick,. requiring 1000s of test points for functional verification. Because of size restrictions, isolation,. relatively fast acting and good RF characteristics, reed relays are often chosen as the testing switch.
  • N-TRON Switch Grounding Techniques (.pdf)
    switches with metal brackets can be. supplied with optional plastic brackets if isolation is required. Both V- legs of the power input connector are. connected to chassis internally on the PCB. Connecting a drain wire to earth ground from one. of the V- terminal plugs as shown here will ground
  • Reed Switch and Reed Sensor Applications (.pdf)
    mounting; some have double-back sticky. the user some ideas as to packaging styles and sizes. tape; some simply screw into panels; others have pins. Special packages with specific connectors or connec-. for PCB through hole mounting; others have surface. tions are very much a norm. So do
  • Handling and Load Precautions when using Reed Switches in various Sensor and Relay Applications (.pdf)
    the seal which. 49. PRECAUTIONS. MEDER electronic. Most commercial wave soldering machines have a facturing facility, can induce a damaging shock to the. preheating section before the PCB or assembly is im-. Reed Switch. Shocks above 200 Gs should be avoid-. mersed into the solder wave
  • Reverse Engineered Membrane Switch Assembly
    system machines. When the small company went out of business, they needed a new membrane switch and PCB supplier, but had no documentation, engineering drawings, or data on the manufacturing of these products. The company turned to Epec to reverse-engineer these two equipment critical products from
  • Using Low Resistance MOSFETs as Load Switches
    of operation. This function is often overlooked by the designer and its implementation is frequently left until very late in the design stage, when PCB space is at a premium. The MOSFET provides a low resistance path between the battery and the load. When fully turned on, the MOSFET appears and acts like

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