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  • Using the PC/104-Plus (PCI) Interface for System Expansion Cards
    ”. The underside. interfaced to your application. The PCI side of the chip. Jaguar board, allows. maximum height is 0.190”. handles all transactions on the PCI bus. When a PCI. high speed expansion. transaction is addressed to the chip it in turn requests. Component selection. boards to be added
  • PCI Express Advances Machine Vision
    PCI Express is the peripheral bus now being adopted by next generation PCs, servers, and industrial computers. It provides a scaleable, high-bandwidth, point-to-point pathway between peripheral cards and the computing core while retaining application software compatibility with previous generations
  • EPIC + PCI Express = EPIC Express. The Next Generation Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing.
    boards presents unique challenges that EPIC Express solves. It is the logical evolution of the EPIC specification that adds PCI Express expansion capability to this industrial computing platform. PCI Express technology has emerged as the next generation I/O solution of choice in many of the computing
  • Features of the StackableUSB TM Interface: A New Specification for I/O Expansion in Embedded PCs
    up to. has provided the foun-. a total of 16 periph-. dation for many of the. eral I/O cards, 8 on. popular embeddable. top and 8 on bot-. buses for I/O expansion,. tom, without the. including the USB, PCI,. use of a hub board. PCIe, and standard ISA buses. Two. The USB148 is an example
  • An EPIC Tale: PC/104 Hitches On To PCI Express
    as the Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing (EPIC) standard. Its expansion modules are the same size as PC/104 modules. EPIC Express modules also incorporate the ISA (Industry Standard Architecture) bus and connectors used by PC/104 so PC/104 modules can be part of an EPIC Express solution.
  • The Future of PCIe in the Industrial Sector
    connections. Multiport serial boards are commonly used in both the commercial and industrial sectors to connect serial port devices, such as barcode readers or legacy equipment, to a PC via the expansion interface. The expansion interface can use either a parallel bus like PCI or a serial interconnect like
  • KIOSK terminal
    RS-232C devices. CONTEC supplies PCI bus COM board which is capable of additionally providing maximum 8 ports. In the case taken up here, 5 such ports are used for system construction. In addition to PCI bus boards, CONTEC also provides COM boards compliant with the latest expansion bus PCI Express
  • EPIC: The New Mid-Size, Open-Standard for Embedded SBCs
    , Compact-PCI and STD Bus. These are all well-known architectures each differentiated by various technical features, capabilities and board size. Each is similar in that their I/O expansion is through a bus and backplane. But for deeply embedded computing applications, there is a need to add even more