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  • PCI Express Clock Generator Considerations
    PCI Express (PCIe) has become the high-speed interconnect of choice in the server/storage, embedded, communications and consumer markets. Technology trends have contributed to the proliferation of PCIe from generation to generation, with the server/storage markets adopting the newer standards first
  • Computer Power User Article - Hello, PCI Express. Good-bye, AGP.
    (scan-line interleave) mode with two boards spanning a pair of older PCI slots despite the fact that AGP graphics cards were available the year prior. AGP continued to evolve, though, yielding the 2.0 spec in 1998 and the 3.0 revision in 2002. Each successive release brought with it increased peak
  • Point Grey USB 3.0 FAQ & Practical Guide to Machine Vision
    of bandwidth, and combines DisplayPort and. PCI Express (PCIe) interfaces. It is not clear if there is a future for Thunderbolt as a digital interface technology for industrial cameras. It
  • PCIe? USB? Sorting Out Two COM / SFF Design Decisions
    on board are often only available as BGA packaged devices. BGA requires advanced solder facilities, reduces serviceability, and usually requires at least six-layer designs, greatly increasing cost across the entire design and production cycle. A single FPGA-based PCI Express design may have three
  • MicroTCA - Streamlined to Market Requirements (.pdf)
    hot swap units to be connected to ATCA boards. The PICMG standards for AdvancedMC are similar to the ATCA standard. AMC.0 provides the basis specification and. further specifications describe the use of different transport systems (AMC.1 PCI-Express, AMC.2 Gigabit Ethernet and. AMC.3 interfaces
  • Ethernet Inoperability in AdvancedTCA, AdvancedMC and MicroTCA (.pdf)
    The AdvancedTCA (R), AdvancedMC TM and MicroTCA TM specifications are built around serial interconnect technologies such as PCI Express TM, Ethernet, SATA, SAS, InfiniBand (R) Technology and Serial Rapid IO. Even though Ethernet is ubiquitous and well known, there are a number of design parameters
  • Increasing Bandwidth and Connectivity in Small Form Factor, High-Performance Embedded Applications:The I/O-Centric, High-Speed SUMIT Interconnect Standard (.pdf)
    by. as an expansion card interface for add-. Table 1 - Comparative bus speeds. mechanical and connector issues, as. in boards. Bus Type. Maximum Bandwidth. well as the sheer number of buses that. 250 MB/s (500 MB/s). must now be accommodated to cope. In medical and military applications,. PCI Express x1
  • Medical Device Link .
    and appropriately designed carrier board. COM Express modules provide a smooth transition from PCI, ISA, and IDE (legacy technology) to PCI Express, SATA, and others. Additionally, the support of PCI Express Graphics (PEG) rather than older AGP graphics has greatly improved medical imaging. Support for gigabit

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