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  • Adopting PCI Express┬« in Data Acquisition
    is a new industry-standard interconnect technology designed to provide high-bandwidth local I/O connectivity across desktop, mobile, and communication platforms. PCI Express adopts serial interconnects instead of the older parallel PCI bus to provide point-to-point and dedicated bus access. Data
  • Computer Power User Article - White Paper: PCI Express
    system. (PCI Express bus areas are represented by green lines with red ends.) The PCI Express system will use a switch to make a connection to any legacy PCI technologies through a PCI or PCI-X bridge. Any PCI or PCI-X devices
  • PCI Express Advances Machine Vision
    developers. PCI Express (PCIe) eliminates the skew and fan-out limitations of. with a number of advantages. One is an increased ability to balance. high-speed parallel buses by adopting a serial bus structure, instead. cost and performance. Designers only need to use as many lanes in. A PCIe connection
  • PCI Express Clock Generator Considerations
    PCI Express (PCIe) has become the high-speed interconnect of choice in the server/storage, embedded, communications and consumer markets. Technology trends have contributed to the proliferation of PCIe from generation to generation, with the server/storage markets adopting the newer standards first
  • PCI Express Peer-to-Peer Interconnect (.pdf)
    Its low latency, high bandwidth, widespread support and cost-effective silicon have made PCI Express ubiquitous. It can however, be used for more than merely communicating between a host and a peripheral: it has many advantages as a peerto- peer communications technology. Enabling this, however
  • Designing Multiple PCI Express Processor Nodes into xTCA Host Systems (.pdf)
    to configure the backplane cPCI bus interface for either. system or peripheral slot operation during board power up. Note that this capability of being configured as either a root. complex or end node in the PCI Express subnet is independent. of any other interface functions supported on the AdvancedMC. 2
  • EPIC + PCI Express = EPIC Express. The Next Generation Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing.
    and communications industries as it is now migrating from the desktop to embedded applications. The PCI Express architecture uses familiar software and configuration interfaces of the conventional PCI bus architecture, but provides a new high-performance physical interface while it retains software
  • Introduction to PCI Express: A Hardware and Software Developer's Guide
    Introduction to PCI Express: A Hardware and Software Developer's Guide. Explaining critical technical considerations that both hardware and software developers need to understand, this guide shows how to employ PCI Express technology to overcome practical performance limits of existing multi-drop

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