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    already validated PCR for specific clinical diagnostic applications. PCR was first performed in multiple water baths and then in programmable heat blocks or thermal cyclers. It offered the increased performance that clinical laboratories desired. Through in vitro amplification of specific target
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    preparation required before an amplified sample can be analyzed. Roche’s Cobas Amplicor analyzer was the first benchtop system to fully automate the amplification and detection steps of the PCR testing process on a single instrument (see Figure 1). It combines a thermal cycler, automatic pipettor
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    had to be used with each cycle to perform the reaction. The second critical step was the development of thermal-stable polymerase and the automated Peltier-based thermal cycler. This development made PCR significantly easier to perform, and at this stage PCR started to find some limited clinical
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    is the most common method in use. It requires a thermal cycler with precise temperature control, an accessory capable of both heating and cooling during the process. TMA, SDA, and NASBA are all isothermal processes: during performance of these processes, only a single set temperature must
  • Medical Device Link . The promise of miniaturized clinical diagnostic systems Miniaturization offers tremendous benefits, but it also presents challenges. Solutions to these problems may lie in flow-through technology.
    through a standard PCR protocol using a Perkin Elmer 9700 thermal cycler. We then processed the PCR product through gel electrophoresis, typically with 1% agarose gels and ethidium bromide staining. Typically, 500 ml of the input test solution was passed through the chip at 0.5 ml/sec, followed
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    for pharmaceutical drug development. The microcard provides an example of the company's direction in microtechnology. The ABI Prism 7700 sequence detection system (a combination thermal cycler and real-time detection system) provides batch-mode screening of samples for gene expression, allelic
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    turnaround is desired. The extensive necessary heating and cooling steps require sophisticated and heavy instrumentation such as a thermal cycler, consume a lot of power, and, most important, involve time-consuming and troublesome sample-preparation procedures. In addition, temperature homogeneity
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    Technology October 2002. Tools for molecular diagnostics. The I-Core module by Cepheid (Sunnyvale, CA) is a complete, integrated thermal cycler and optical-detection device capable of performing and continuously monitoring the PCR reaction for amplifying DNA to detectable levels. Molecular diagnostics

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