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...that the practitioner know the exact location and orientation of the catheter's distal tip at all times. For percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PCTA), the deflated balloon catheter must be positioned accurately in the artery before it is expanded to compress the obstruction. The placement...

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  • .50 PCTA
    The .50 PCTA ( Plastic Cased Telescoped Ammunition) was originally developed by ARES for the TARG (Telescoped Ammunition Revolver Gun) in the 1980s, which did not proceed beyond experimental status.
    PHOTO: Resembling shotgun shells, the ARES PCTA ( Plastic Cased Telescoped Ammunition) uses the same .50cal projectile from the standard M33 ball round, but it is encased within the propellant instead of being located ahead of it, as with conventional ammunition.
    The weapon employs 5mm (0.195 calibre) plastic cased�?telescoped ammunition ( PCTA ) firing a 3g 100%�?traced bullet at 960m/s.
  • The Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology - M
    PCTA , like CPET, is able to be marked with the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) code as number 1—PETE for recycling purposes.
  • Copolyamides and Copolyesters
    a Modern Plastics Encyclopedia, mid-November 1993. Note: We were unable to obtain any data sheets from Eastman on unfilled grades of PCTA .
  • Dimethyl Terephthalate (DMT) and Terephthalic Acid (TPA)
    Eastman also markets copolyesters based on PCT, such as PCTA (DurastarTM ) and PCTG (EastarTM ). For additional information on regenerated solid-state resins see the CEH Plastics Recycling marketing research report.
  • The impact of preoperative CT angiography on breast reconstruction with abdominal perforator flaps.
    pCTA appears to reduce operative time by minimizing time spent identifying perforators, assisting in side selection for... Annals of plastic surgery .
  • Frozen dinners - foiled again? Old packaging takes on new look.
    Attention has centered on plastics and paperboard trays. Improvements include development of PCTA resin, whose m.p. is 50°F higher than that of cPET; co...
  • Fundamentals of Packaging Technology
    ...480ı F) melting point of homopolymer PET is one of the highest of the common packaging plastics . For example, including cyclohexanedimethanol produces a polyester ( PCTA ) that can be made into films having brilliant clarity...
  • Polyester Feedstocks
    ...application of PIA-based copolyester resins is in the production of performance polyester plastics , which are used... ...produces poly(cyclohexane-1,4-dimethanol-co-terephthalate-co-isophthalate) under the Kodar® PCTA and Ektar® lines.