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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
DSA800-EMI Allied Electronics, Inc. RIGOL Not Provided EMI Filter & Quasi-Peak Detector Kit(DSA815 Only)
LTC5564IUD#PBF Digi-Key Linear Technology RF/IF and RFID IC PEAK DETECTOR 16-QFN
PKD01EPZ National Microchip Analog Devices Inc Not Provided IC MONO PEAK DETECTOR R&H 14-DIP
PKD01EY National Microchip Analog Devices Inc Not Provided IC MONO PEAK DETECTOR R&H 14CDIP
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  • Average and Peak Power - A Tutorial
    and Detectors. Average and Peak Power – A Tutorial. It is easy to calculate the power or energy of optical pulses if the right parameters are known. Presented. here are the relationships among some basic quantities often needed when working with laser pulses and. power or energy meters. Consider a regularly
  • Reducing Time Jitter in Time-of-Flight Detectors (.pdf)
    . No software corrections to peak shapes were utilized. The measurement was then repeated using the same detector hardware but with two different input MCPs mounted in the assembly; one with 5 mm pores and 19° bias angle and another with 2 mm pores and 12° bias angle. All measurements were made keeping
  • Spectral Performance of Mercuric Iodide Gamma Ray Detectors at Elevated Temperatures
    . spectra with anomalies on the low-energy side of the peak. The spectral performance parameters generated were: 1. The percent full width at half of the full-energy peak maximum (%FWHM) which is an indication of the. spectral resolution capability of the detector. 2. The peak to background ratio (P/BG
  • Prototyping of Anti-Personnel(AP) mine detector and survivor searcher
    visualization. Developed a system that can instantly analyze and graph data from multiple channels. FFT, framing, peak analysis, filtering, wavelet analysis are available. Use of a high resolution device that can visualize buried signals from mines or disaster survivors contributes to their successful
  • Spectroscopy on Thick HgI2 Detectors: A Comparison Between Planar and Pixelated Electrodes
    . spectra appeared at a much higher ADC channel since electrons can travel. generated the signal. Since holes cannot travel the full thickness of the. virtually the full thickness of the detector. The peak area for the cathode. detector, the signal from the cathode preamp is indistinguishable from noise
  • Power Detection and Control
    and. temperature drift, RF peak detectors can provide only 30 – 35 dB of usable dynamic. range. Detection accuracy over temperature for a typical peak detector is shown in figure. 4a. The logarithmic detector provides improved detection dynamic range and a linear. in dB/V output characteristic. Although several
  • Understanding In-Line RF Power Measurements
    at this location introduce unwanted losses and reactances that can drastically affect a process. Because of these added complications, in-line power monitoring at the plasma load is beyond the scope of this article. Diode peak-detectors. 2. The operation of forward and reflected diode peak-detector
  • Designing LF Talkback for a Magnetic Base Station
    . Transponder. Detector. Decouple. Filter. Slicer. VREF. M. Data. Data.  2004 Microchip Technology Inc. DS00912A-page 1. AN912. A high voltage peak detector is used to extract the. THE PEAK DETECTOR. basic envelope of the base station's resonant tank. The. output of the peak detector will be 150 VDC
  • Budgeting Harmonics for ZigBee Front End Modules
    dataset displayed for three different detectors peak, average and RMS. Figure 9: Comparison of a Time Domain Waveform Displayed with Peak, Average and RMS Detectors. Figure 9 demonstrates that for a time variant signal, the measurement results depend on the detector type and are likely
  • Power Detection and Control For Mobile Handset Applications Part 3. Power Control Feedback
    associated with loop bandwidth is slew rate and acquisition time. The time. required for the integrator to slew its output is indirectly proportional to the magnitude of. the input voltage. In the case of a simple peak detector and current sense, the input. voltage is very small at low output powers which

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