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  • Agilent: Spectrum Analysis Basics
    This application note is intended to explain the fundamentals of swept-tuned, superheterodyne spectrum analyzers and discuss the latest advances in spectrum analyzer capabilities. At the most basic level, the spectrum analyzer can be described as a frequency-selective, peak-responding voltmeter
  • Capacitor Testing Procedures
    will find the 60 Hz dielectric strength test adequate and relatively inexpensive. Jennings does not recommend DC testing being performed by the user because of safety considerations. If DC testing is performed, care should be taken not to exceed 60% of the peak test voltage rating of the capacitor
  • Power Measurement Application Note
    used to characterize ac voltage and current waveforms is crest factor - the ratio of peak to RMS value. The crest. factor of a sine wave is . CF of a full-wave rectified sine is also √ , but a half-wave rectified sine is 2. The CF of a square wave is 1;. triangle wave √3. Low duty cycle pulse trains
  • Varistor Testing (.pdf)
    purposes, this effect. For varistor models that are commonly used on 60Hz power. usually is insignificant. lines, the VN limits may be specified for a 1.0mA peak AC. current applied. If an AC test is preferred by the user, a. Maximum Clamping Voltage, VC. schematic approach similar to that shown
  • Troubleshooting Accelerometer Installations
    of swing in the positive and. negative directions. Most two-wire sensors produce an 8 - 14 volt bias. Figure 2. shows the change in peak amplitude range as the supply voltage is decreased. When the signal amplitude runs into the supply voltage or ground, clipping. occurs. Clipping the vibration signal
  • Characterizing mixed-signal DSP Designs with SigLab
    of. The amount of rejection due to the. a single tone. IMD measurements are. sin( x) / x mechanism is given by: referred to the peak envelope power, which. image = sin( π ⋅ f. / f ) / ( π ⋅ f. / f ). is 6 dB higher than either of the tones. image. s. image. Therefore, the IMD is 81 dB below the peak
  • DC/DC CONVERTER Terminology and Basic Test Conditions
    to a common reference. The. of the converter, measured in milliamps. in percentage of output voltage) as the. common reference is generally the. peak-to-peak. GAIA Converter specifies. load is varying from a specified mini-. converter’s metal case (see GAIA. input ripple current at full load over
  • AN116 Why Use Isolated Signal Conditioners?
    . sample rate increases. The best and most predictable. input voltage (without damage) of ±30VDC or peak AC. results are obtained when an instrument is used that. In the realm of production measurements, with 120V to. has a fixed scan interval; this helps control any high. 440VAC motor supplies

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