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  • Sensors for the process and factory automation
    1 reflector, 2 sapphire windows 7, 3 druckfest encapsulated housing 6, 4 measuring detector, 5 reference detector, infrared radiators, beam splitters Reactive gases or vapors to oxidize or to reduce, when they over a membrane on a Edelme- ...switch reflected light sensor sound sensors cable pull-path measuring system sensor-actuator- distributor sensor electronics sensor...
  • Dictionary laboratory Laboratory Dictionary
    Opening of the cell membrane ) cell of lysis; (cell fractionation) cell of fractionation; (cell homogenization) cell of homogenization ... drip catcher / drip catch drop catcher  expansion adapter / enlarging, distributor image, adapter expansion... ...clamp beaker tong beaker tongs beaker tong beam n of beams; the beam works bearing housing beat / hit / strike the bundle beam balance beam balance beam of light light beam, light bundle beam splitter beam splitter beamer radiator bearing(s...
  • Practice knowledge Mikrosystemtechnik available for three-dimensionally structured building elements like, e.g., heating distributor and chemical reactors... For it there are meters in that the membrane between two chambers is clamped whereat a chamber... Beam splitter .
  • Manual of the Mess- and automation technique in the production
    The used process connection materials like sealing material, flange materials, membrane materials are readable. ...superimposed digital signal (HARD), the configuration of the transmitter also from the ranking distributor in the observatory... Beam splitter Abb. 1.51.
  • Avionics and air traffic control technique
    Additionally, the consumers on the distributor rail affected by the failure are supplied through closing of the... The measuring principle is based on it, that through a membrane available in the pressure measuring can... By this, a light beam with a beam splitter is divided partial beams extending against each other into two that is deflected over Spiegel so that they form a closed circulation, and thereby, a surface A includes.
  • The bases of the TV technology
    The amplifier points lying here contain two C amplifiers with subsequent passive distributors on up to 8... By the spannungslosen VA cell with the directors in propagation direction of the light there is no birefringence, the reflected light is unchanged, and the polarization beam splitter provides no light for projection. ...material 380 maximum Likelihood 375 MAZ 625 digitally 638 multiple tone norms 394 membrane potential 19 Mertz...
  • Practical Opto-Electronics
    The only advantage of a pellicle beamsplitter is that it practically does not introduce aberrations in focused beams, owing to its extreme thinness. For this reason, it is readily available from distributors of camera lenses or general optical equipment.
  • Sensor technique
    In this installation, find also compounds like LiF, MgF2 etc. that aren't known themselves as transducer materials but a large roller by the antireflex coating, on beam splitters or polarizers play. as: • of etching mask by the anisotropic etching • self-supporting membrane structures • insulating... Abb. 7.22 distributor plate of Al2O3 (SAUER GmbH .
  • Hydraulic engineering, settlement water management, sloping technique
    Thundering basin installations like beam splitter and disturbing body can be provided to reach a hydraulic effectiveness also at an enlarged discharge region. ...mediums, pourings of gekörnten materials (by rapid and slow filtration) or porous membranes ( membrane filtration) are used... The sludge blowings can be avoided when the distributor devices like baffle plates are arranged on inlets.
  • Handbook Of Biological Confocal Microscopy
    Supplier/ Distributor ...from the sample is optically rerouted via a set of mirrors and a pellicle beam-splitter to... It is then separated into two fluorescent channels by a dichroic beam- splitter and each channel passes through a “camera�? lens that focuses the round beam to form an image of the illuminated line on the specimen at the surface of a...

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