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  • Pellicle Beamsplitters-Image
    Pellicle Beamsplitters - (5 companies)
    Pellicle beamsplitters are constructed from thin, nitrocellulose films that are stretched and cemented to rigid supporting rings. They are very delicate and liable to resonate to certain vibration frequencies. Pellicle beamsplitters are constructed...
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    Frame Diameter
    Clear Aperture
    Frame Thickness
  • Plate Beamsplitters-Image
    Plate Beamsplitters - (80 companies)
    ...even further. However, if the removal of ghosted beams is of primary concern, pellicle or cube beamsplitters should be used instead plate beamsplitters. Shapes Available. Plate beamsplitters are available in three distinct shapes; circular, square...
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  • Nonpolarizing Cube Beamsplitters-Image
    Nonpolarizing Cube Beamsplitters - (52 companies)
    Nonpolarizing cube beamsplitters provide a true 50/50 split regardless of the incoming polarization. They consist of a pair of precision right-angle prisms carefully cemented or mounted together to minimize wavefront distortion. Nonpolarizing cube...
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  • Polka Dot Beamsplitters-Image
    Polka Dot Beamsplitters - (5 companies)
    Polka dot beamsplitters consists of an ultraviolet grade fused silica substrate with a vacuum deposited aluminum coating applied in a manner that gives the beamsplitter a polka dot appearance. They have a constant 50/50 reflection-to-transmission...
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  • Polarizing Cube Beamsplitters-Image
    Polarizing Cube Beamsplitters - (49 companies)
    Polarizing cube beamsplitters divide unpolarized light into two orthogonally polarized beams at 90 to each other. The transmitted beam is mostly polarized parallel to the plane of incidence (p-polarized), and the reflected beam is mostly polarized...
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    Optical Polarizers - (141 companies)
    Optical polarizers are optical devices that can transform unpolarized or natural light into polarized light, usually by the selective transmission of polarized rays.
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    Beams, Joists, and Wall Studs - (203 companies)
    Rafters, beams, and joists are structural profiles that are used to frame buildings.
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    Illuminators - (390 companies)
    Illuminators are used to provide adequate contrast for imaging. Illuminators include backlights, LED illuminators, and fiber optic illuminators.
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    Autocorrelators - (8 companies)
    ...or to calculate the spectrum of a source of light. To determine pulse duration, autocorrelators use beamsplitters to create two copies of an incoming pulse. These copies are then superimposed in a non-linear medium and overlap temporarily. Most autocorrelators...
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    Optical Manufacturing Services - (271 companies)
    Mounts are mechanical devices for holding components or devices firmly in place while minimizing vibration. Optical manufacturing services design, fabricate and finish beamsplitters, crystals, filters prisms, reticles, waveplates, wedges...
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    The THz beam and optical probe, either the multiple beamlets from the echelons or a single beam for standard detection, were combined with a pellicle beamsplitter such that they propagated collinearly through the detection crystal. … have had these optics custom-made by Sodick F.T. based in Japan (American distributor : Sodick, Inc.).
  • Dubbel
    1 radiation sources, 2 condenser, 3 beam splitters 7, 4 lens 6, 5 reflector, measuring object, reflector, of (movably) (fixedly) 8 optoelectronic receivers; b triangulation principle [10] By DMS pressure sensors, a force is converted which extends a spring body or a membrane . … B 34 general spatial movement B 35 general tolerances F 34 world wheel, transfer case Q 10 …
  • Dubbel
    1 radiation sources, 2 condenser, 3 beam splitters 7, 4 lens 6, 5 reflector, measuring object, reflector, of (movably) (fixedly) 8 optoelectronic receivers; b triangulation principle [10] By DMS pressure sensors, a force is converted which extends a spring body or a membrane . … evaluation Evaluation of tests distribution and storage of useful energy distribution and configuration distributor masts distributor booms …
  • Building Electro-Optical Systems: Making It all Work 2nd Edition Complete Document
    The distributor insisted on having it sent back, whereupon they installed the new part grossly misaligned. … transform plane of whatever you’re trying to align), and just put in a beamsplitter to shine some … Pellicle .
  • Sensors for the process and factory automation
    1 reflector, 2 sapphire windows 7, 3 druckfest encapsulated housing 6, 4 measuring detector, 5 reference detector, infrared radiators, beam splitters Reactive gases or vapors to oxidize or to reduce, when they over a membrane on a Edelme- … switch reflected light sensor sound sensors cable pull-path measuring system sensor-actuator- distributor sensor electronics sensor …
  • Dictionary laboratory Laboratory Dictionary
    Opening of the cell membrane ) cell of lysis; (cell fractionation) cell of fractionation; (cell homogenization) cell of homogenization …  drip catcher / drip catch drop catcher  expansion adapter / enlarging, distributor image, adapter expansion … … clamp beaker pliers beaker tongs beaker pliers beam n of beams; the beam drives bearing housing beat / hit / strike the bundle beam balance beam balance beam of light light beam, light bundle beam splitter beam splitter beamer radiator bearing(s …
  • Practice knowledge Mikrosystemtechnik
    … mm-region available for three-dimensionally structured building elements like, e.g., heating distributor and chemical reactors … For it there are meters in that the membrane between two chambers is clamped whereat a chamber … Beam splitter .
  • Manual of the Mess- and automation technique in the production
    The used process connection materials like sealing material, flange materials, membrane materials are readable. … superimposed digital signal (HARD), the configuration of the transmitter also from the ranking distributor in the observatory … Beam splitter Abb. 1.51.
  • Avionics and air traffic control technique
    Additionally, the consumers on the distributor rail affected by the failure are supplied through closing of the … The measuring principle is based on it, that through a membrane available in the pressure measuring can … By this, a light beam with a beam splitter is divided partial beams extending against each other into two that is deflected over Spiegel so that they form a closed circulation, and thereby, a surface A includes.
  • The bases of the TV technology
    The amplifier points lying here contain two C amplifiers with subsequent passive distributors on up to 8 … By the spannungslosen VA cell with the directors in propagation direction of the light there is no birefringence, the reflected light is unchanged, and the polarization beam splitter provides no light for projection. … material 380 maximum Likelihood 375 MAZ 625 digitally 638 multiple tone norms 394 membrane potential 19 Mertz …