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Conduct Research isolated by. dispersive element used is either the 3mm ultrafast. means of an iris and sent to a spectrometer. The spectrum is. beamsplitter or the 5 µm pellicle beamsplitter. This is done to. recorded as a function of delay, I. (ω,τ), and can be. minimize the dispersion of the device. The SHG FROG can...

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  • SAE Dictionary of Aerospace Engineering-2nd Edition
    PDD See programmable data distributor . [AIR4844] PEL See PIXEL. pellicle An extremely thin, tough membrane stretched over a frame. ...such a membrane transmits some light and reflects other light, and thus can serve as a beamsplitter .
  • Manual of the Mess- and automation technique in the production
    ...tactile pin with a sapphire ball of 300 µm diameter is fixed on a flexible Si diaphragm . Beam splitter ...primary wiring is a gebäudeübergreifende, werksweite position wiring (SV) for compound of respective position or building distributor .
  • Avionics and air traffic control technique
    The measuring principle is based on it, that through a diaphragm available in the pressure measuring can... By this light beam with a beam splitter is divided partial beams extending against each other into two that is deflected over Spiegel so that they form a closed circulation, and thereby, a surface A includes. Distributor rails 230 VFG 217 VFR 39 VHF data link 194 VHF data link mode 2 195...
  • Practice knowledge Mikrosystemtechnik
    For it there are meters in that the diaphragm between two chambers is clamped whereat a chamber... Beam splitter Distributor .
  • Vaulters engineer table
    ...filter for liquid metals; fire plate, catalyst carrier, biomedical implant or microfiltration, ultrafiltration or gas separation diaphragm . Designations: PST-Polarisationsoptischer beam splitter ; St - beam splitter; S-Spiegel, AOM - acousto-optic modulator; TP1-fixed toddling prism; TP2-movable toddling prism; λ/4 - lambda quarter-plates for generation of circularly polarized light; P-polarizer; PPD-pin-photodiode; FG - frequency generator (drives the... High voltage 11.000 - 10.750 - 10.500 - 10.250 - 10.000 (through distributor switch).
  • Hydrometrie
    I. d. R. of pressure sensors with frontbündiger diaphragm is used as sensor for the measurement of... Laser beam splitter ...base informations logbook decision support Abflussvorhersagen the withdrawal predictions visualization of the radar images faxing distributors Hydr.
  • Dictionary laboratory Laboratory Dictionary
    ...s) Ø bellows bellows Ø's distilling advance receiver adapter Ø udder image / distributor image / 'spider'... Ø cell outcrop cell of lysis Ø of (opening of the cell membrane ) cell fractionation ...clamp beaker tong beaker tongs beaker tong beam n of beams; the beam works bearing housing beat / hit / strike the bundle beam balance beam balance beam of light light beam, light bundle beam splitter beam splitter beamer radiator bearing(s...
  • Springer Handbook of Lasers and Optics
    Zr filter on pellicle Kr ...requires deposition techniques such as ion-assisted de- position to apply antireflective, conductive, mirror and beamsplitter coatings. Anode Gas distributor .
  • Springer Handbook of Lasers and Optics
    Zr filter on pellicle Kr The beam- splitter CGH then illuminates (or not) each lattice point. Anode Gas distributor .
  • Inertial Fusion Program. Progress report, January-December 1980 salt windows, a pinhole. a concave copper mirror, and two Mylar pellicles located between the... The pulse first encountered a 90% reflecting beamsplitter . ...simple vertical Pyrex tube mat contained a coarse glass frit as the gas distributor and bed support.

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