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  • Sistine Chapel Case Study
    This automated multi-gas dew point analyzer housed in a Nema 4 enclosure can measure dew points from two to seven different gases, and dew points as low as -75°C. The model RS2700 uses a single... The EdgeTech Model 137 Vigilant Aircraft Hygrometer is a rugged, shock mounted military qualified
  • Medical Device Link .
    and nucleic acid hybridization assays, in part because of the ready availability of peroxidase-conjugated antibodies to haptens such as biotin, fluorescein isothiocyanate, and digoxigenin. An automated analyzer that employs detection based on HRP-catalyzed chemiluminescence, the Vitros immunodiagnostic
  • Medical Device Link .
    , MA), showing percent of model processed as it is designed. There are many competitive 3-D solid-modeling computer-aided drafting (CAD) packages, including Pro/Engineer from PTC (Needham, MA). Pro/Engineer provides a flexible engineering and product development infrastructure. This infrastructure can
  • How Ultrasonic Flowmeters Work (.pdf)
    the. diameter of the measurement area. If flexure is great enough, it may break the coupling. between an exterior-mounted transducer and the pipe’s outside surface. Proper signal reflection typically requires suspended solids or bubbles of 100 microns or. larger in a concentration of 100 parts per million
  • The New Era of Automated Test
    of technology such as 64 GB solid-state drives (SSDs), which are now as small as a postage stamp. These technological advances translate into considerable cost reductions. For example, LCD video screens that previously cost hundreds of dollars are now available in low-cost greeting cards. With devices
  • Update on Wheat vs. Gluten-Free Bread Properties (.pdf)
    a Texture Analyzer. Let!s look at just four sensory properties and. their comparative texture definitions, then we!ll see how the different types of bread measured up. using the two cycle compression test method known as Texture Profile Analysis (TPA). Hardness. Sensory meaning – the maximum force required
  • Practical Issues of Combustion (.pdf)
    . USA. 800 888 6400 x5557. Keywords: oxygen, insitu, excess air, analyzer, combustion. Paper number: PWR2004-52045. Abstract: Power plants concerned with lowering NOx emissions are making tremendous changes to accommodate. EPA regulatory requirements. A substantial number
  • Colossal Carbon Supersaturation in Austenitic Stainless Steels Carburized at Low Temperature (.pdf)
    and improves the corrosion. resistance. While normally the precipitation of carbides restricts the carbon concentration in the austenite of 316 steels. to. 0.015 at%, the Swagelok treatment generates a colossal supersaturation of up to 12 at% carbon in solid solution. Only upon extended treatment, does carbide