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  • Thermal Millboard - HT-5050
    HT-5050 is a high temperature material that is suitable for combining on perforated metal core for heat shields and thermal barriers. It is formulated from mineral fiber and has low organic content. Sealinfo: HT-5050 - Gasket sealing solutions and engineered composite materials. Gasket Materials
  • Abas ERP-Case Study: Bergmann & Hillebrand:
    ERP always current through upgrades. "Using the abas Business Software, Bergmann & Hillebrand, manufacturers of precision perforated plates, could halve their flow times and significantly reduce the number of variants. Overview. Advantages. Technology. Case Studies. Bergmann & Hillebrand. Casa
  • Medical Device Link .
    specifications. Adhesives can be custom-applied on one or both sides of a wide range of substrates. The tape parts can be supplied in sheet-fed, perforated, or roll form, or as individual pieces. Width tolerances of +-0.001 in. are possible with rewind slitting, while lathe slitting can produce widths
  • Cord knots? Not with CorDotz!
    and. a lot less frustrating (see Figure 1). The cord identifier. the idea is just the beginning.”. is easy to use ; just snap it open, pop the appropriate. paper icon out of a perforated sheet and into place. behind the plastic window, and snap the cord. Beginning with sketches, Maraia used
  • Medical Device Link .
    primarily employed solder-attached perforated metal cans (with and without removable lids). Surface-mount technology (SMT) is the preferred manufacturing technique for assembling virtually all modern handheld wireless devices. This process involves screen. (Features) PCB-Level shielding technology
  • World record speed with drying machine
    results are shown in Figure 3 and can achieve 50% higher capacity loading than conventional technology. Figure 2 Figure 3 The former consists of a headbox and a series of specially designed boxes with perforated covers positioned on the top and bottom of the sheet. Two wires carry the web past
  • Medical Device Link .
    , polyethylene film for ostomy bags and medical tapes, and perforated film for wound-care applications are among the available medical-grade products. The firm 's extrusions and adhesive laminates are routinely used for the fabrication of gowns, surgical drapes, and Mayo stand covers. Copyright (C)2006
  • Extruded Net in Filtration Applications
    plastic netting, it’s perhaps best to begin by discussing what extruded plastic netting is not. It is not woven. It is not perforated. It is not molded. Although all of these processes produce materials with holes, each process has it’s own nomenclature for defining what’s there (i.e. strands