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  • Optimum compositions for thermal, insulation of burners and regenerators
    The insulation can be made in a single layer from a filler (asbestos- perlite mixture) and bond... The main properties of the heat insulation were investigated in relation to the change in the technical parameters by the spraying application method using the TM-IA equipment~... ...distance from the exit nozzle of the gun to the surface being coated .
  • Fire Resistant Coverings
    ...materials with excellent thermal qualities are mineral fibers and expanded aggregates, such as ver- miculite and perlite . Most contact fire resistive coverings used are either of the sprayed mineral fiber or cementitious types. The sprayed mineral fiber fire resistive coatings are blends of mineral fibers and inorganic binders, which are... The fibrous material is blown through a spe- cial spray gun that combines fibers, air, and water...
  • ASTM 00.01 - Subject Index; Alphanumeric Index
    ...04.05 C 903-94 Practice for Preparing Refractory Concrete Specimens by Cold Gunning , 15.01 C... and Instrumental Anaiysis of Metallic Core Components in Liquid Metal Fast-Breeder Reactors (LMFBR) C 984 Discontinued 1997;Specification for Perlite Board and Rigid Cellular Polyisocyanurate Composite Roof Insulation... ...Test Method for Adherence of Porcelain Enamel Cover Coats Direct-to-Steel C... ...Cellular Poiyisocyanurate Roof Insulation; Replaced by C 1289 C 1014-94" Specification for Spray -Applied Mineral Fiber...
  • Industrial Gases
    ...532–4 Chlorine 126, 129, 411, 436, 439 Chlorine dioxide 431, 441 Chlorofluorocarbons aerosol spray cans 496 global... ...pressure raising circuit 231 roll-over phenomenon 234–5 Cryogenic insulation 225–9 aerogel 227–8 perlite 227 radiation losses... ...Desflurane, see Fluranes DESY R&D institute 517 Detarred tobacco 371 Detonation 274 Detonation gun 324 Deuterium 137... Electron beam coating 482 Electron capture detector 171, 224 Electron cyclotron resonance 403 Electronic flow controls 220–1...
  • Thermal properties of spray-coated geopolymer-type compositions
    Vermiculite samples were from South Africa provided by Perlite and Vermiculite Factory (Perth, Wes- tern Australia). The compositions of coatings described in this article are shown in Table 3. As spray -coated compositions have a higher water:- cement ratio than dip-coated compositions, the alkalinity of... ...coatings (0.5–0.7 mm), which could be increased by making several passes with the spray gun .