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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
PFC180 PLC Radwell Toshiba Not Provided POWER SUPPLY
PFC500 PLC Radwell Lambda Not Provided POWER SUPPLY
PFC170A PLC Radwell Sanci Not Provided POWER SUPPLY

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  • Key Considerations for PFC Conductors
    PFC (Power Factor Correction) inductors are used in active boost circuits to correct harmonic current distortion in AC to DC converters. The goal is to achieve a Power Factor (PF) as close to 1.0 are possible. Key Considerations for PFC Inductors | Precision, Inc. 800-749-3677 Login Submit
  • Universal Off-Line LED String Driver with PFC
    This Design Note describes an up to 10 watt, off-line. universal input, LED string driver with power factor. correction (PFC). It incorporates the NCP1014 "mini" boost. power factor corrector circuit described in. ON Semiconductor Design Note DN06064 in conjunction. with ON Semiconductor's new
  • Power Supply Comparisons
    low. very low. Leakage. high. low. very low. Size. (power density). small size. (high power density). large size. (low power density). medium size. (medium power density). Weight. (Power to Weight Ratio). light. (high). heaviest. (low). heavy. (low). Power Factor. 0.6 - 0.7 without PFC. >0.95
  • The Ever Shrinking Power Supply
    supplies are high voltage energy storage at the input and low voltage. filtering at the output. The input capacitor – an aluminium electrolytic capacitor – is usually the second largest component on the. board after the main transformer. The use of active power factor correction (PFC) - now common
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Reference Design
    Transistor (IGBT). input power protection circuitry. The power then goes. drivers. The output of the H-bridge is filtered and drives. into the power factor correction (PFC) module which. the load with an AC sine wave that is synchronized to. forces the input current to be sinusoidal so that power
  • Driving AC-DC power supply efficiency even higher
    of the. goal for this power supply. Consequently, for each stage the. boost converter is to boost the PFC voltage of approximately. power loss budget was determined and this drove the choice of. 380Vdc to 420Vdc. This enables the design of the main. circuit topology. Power losses were minimized in each
  • Shrinking to the Challenge - How to design a Smaller, More Efficient AC-DC Power Supply
    circuits for power supplies in. recent times. This means savings in component count, manufacturing costs and board space, even where the integrated circuits. themselves may be more expensive than a discrete component approach. One example is the IR1150 – a PFC chip that operates as. a one-cycle control
  • Medical Device Link . The Impact of International Standards on the Performance of Programmable Dc Power Supplies Electronics manufacturers who comply with global safety requirements are developing new, more powerful types of high-performance power su
    . To comply with this standard, manufacturers may employ active power factor correction (PFC) circuitry in the ac input section of the unit. This circuitry, which is essentially another power converter in series with the main power supply, forces the unit to draw current at a level that closely tracks

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